The ‘wired’life’

Everyday we get up from bed in a hope of a new light

Everyday we scuffle to make things right 

We hope for a new day to come

Increasing our workrate to get out of this scum

The day has past and the night makes it’s way

Death is the only tax which is given to all of us to pay

Citylights has been flooding all over the sky

Into what is untrue and makes our life a lie

We’re just doing what’s in our range

So stop preaching the words because nothing’s gonna change

We say that we’re free and we have some rules

The world has turned in an asylum by all the fools

The earth isn’t existing by problems that we deny

It is breathing till now just by our lie

We like each other only to be stabbed by a knife

We live is not a free but a WIRED LIFE


The Winning mentality : #ThoughtOfTheday

I realised that the winning mentality in life is very important because it gives us motivation and rage to go ahead of our own limits and capabilities. This mentality follows every aspects of life whether it’s landing a great job or winning a football match. If don’t have the mentality of winning in enough quantity and quality, we’d never learn the meaning of being the better one in the pack.

We should really learn to have winning mindset because to achieve anything, MINDSET is everything

Oh mighty oak

Stand tall oh mighty oak, for all the world to see, 
your strength and undying beauty forever amazes me. 
Though storm clouds hover above you, 
your branches span the sky, 
in search of the radiant sunlight you 
count on to survive. 
When the winds are high and restless and 
you lose a limb or two, 
it only makes you stronger, we 
could learn so much from you. 
Though generations have come and gone 
and brought about such change, 
quietly you’ve watched them all yet still 
remained the same. 
I only pray God give to me the strength he’s 
given you, 
to face each day with hope, whether 
skies are black or blue, 
Life on earth is truly a gift 
every moment we must treasure, 
it’s the simple things we take for granted 
that become our ultimate pleasures. 

Islam: by far not the greatest

I know I never was a racist in religious matters as I respected and studied all religions but a few days before I encountered a scene where I came to know that Islam, is by far not the greatest if not the worst religion in the world. I know tons of you will disagree with me saying that you don’t know the true meaning of Islam and I’ll reply terrorism then you’ll say Islam don’t teach terrorism. Here I say that human made religion not religion made human. So it’s the people itself who take a religion to glory or burn it down to ashes that it can never be reborn

Some Muslims clearly say that there race is better than any race in the world and if anybody conduct Islam, he shall be taken on the right path. The reply to this is- WOULD YOU PLEASE SHUT THE HELLLL UP !! I’m not asking you to like all religions but you sure have no right to say that you’re religion beats them all and it’s the only right path. 

I know the consequences of this blog would be hard and ruthless but we know what the situation really is. I know Quran’s ‘jihaad’ is different than the jihaad they do but that doesn’t mean they realise it. They eat so much of non veg that their mind heats up.and they can’t think anything but destructivity. 

I myself support Islam but sometimes these things overcome my thinking of measuring all the people of all religions equally. So that’s why I’m saying Islam maybe the second largest religion in the world but it is far far away from being the best. 

Apologies to all Muslims 🙏🙏🙏

Sometimes​; LET IT GO

Sometimes we get into an awkward situation where we are getting condemned even if we aren’t deserving. It’s just our anger and unstable mindset that puts us in this position. Yesterday, I was in a situation where I was getting scolded from my parents and my brother because of my shown anger to them. Yes, that was my mistake. At that time I didn’t recognise it and was going to put out my piece of violence micwork in their ears. But then I said to myself “Stop ! Is it necessary to do so ?” And that was that I didn’t said anything and came to my room. That’s the turning, I was in my room not because I was frustrated but because I let it go on. At that night, I vehaved very smiley and joyful because I didn’t have had any complaint regarding my father who stopped me from saying anything or my brother and mother. Because I LET IT GO !!

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”- Steve Maraboli

There will come many times where we’ll have to decide whether to put our ego and pride in our way or just forget that moment which makes us sad. We, at that time, always think that if anyone does villainy with us, we’ll execute, but that’s not what we are supposed or I should say want to do. We just have to leave whatever dirty stuff in that dirty moment itself and look forward. I might be sounding weird and silly to many of you mates but I just want to express myself and ask you to think. It’s your choice, redeem or LET IT GO !!

The best there is: rap by Abhinnshyam

Fast? Son, that ain’t fast—

I’m rising faster than the price of gas

I’m the best in the present,future and the past

If ya don’t like me you can kiss the people’s @ss 

My mama said that we’ve a fault in our generation

But they don’t know that we’re boys of domination

Lucknow wites in the building 

We will blow off the roof 

We All are the best there’s no reason to prove 

Am the fire

Am the colt

It’s the right of mine to quote

The people think it’s just a rap

And there’s no meaning at all

But they don’t know the reality

That the world is gonna fall

With break out brawls

Breaking of the walls

Recession employment crisis

All the people now believe

That this boy do a close call

Mother****** ! It’s a rap

Not just a poem by an app

Aah! Mother****** it’s a rap

Am the best from the rest 

You don’t have to take a test