The Reality !!

I have a dream I’ll be the best

Drinking beer with a proud chest 

But now I’m Here rapping and smoking weed

A stale plant that is broken out from a seed 

Rapping is my first need

I’m the one who can’t miss any rap beats

By this I fulfill my mother******* needs

I spend writing lyric in the night of the hounds

I drop a verse as easy as a baby runnin’ round 

I wanted to be a rapper my daddy mummy knew it

But they didn’t have the money and they don’t wanna show it

Let’s talk about money as it buys everything

You can buy your own house to your wife’s wedding ring

We can’t get some food or even do a web Bing

If you have the green notes you’re the biggest king

This world Ain’t running on love and sacrifice

As every single person has one eye on the price

Save water, save birds and even save trees

I’m sure that on the lines written you’ll agree

We have a condition of dilemma and we’re not even free


We create our own demons

“We create our own demons”, this quote is one of the truest ever said or heard on the planet. We start with something pure and exciting. But then our ego and mistakes play their parts. Love and hate. Love becomes hate when it is twisted and filled with obsession, betrayal and redemption. Sometimes, we do things, terrible things, in the name of love, which is only the excuse that we made to justify our behavior. 

We often put our downfall and unsatisfactiom on the shoulders of others (ex. Our parents) but why don’t we take the blame ourselves. Our pointless blamings, hopes and expectations to others are as useless as “ueue” in “queue

It would rather be an inspiration rather than a fiendish. To do good is effortless but doing the opposite requires conscious exertion of pain, of trouble.”

Education system in India : a change needed (a must read)

As much as almost all the parents and teachers will disagree with me, they, deep inside their own heart, know that the situation of the education system in India is worse than ever. This education system is injected into our genes. 

I mean let’s face it, a boy who’s almost 3-5 years old is put into a jail like school where he has to go even if he cries, vomit or beg infront of his parents. I mean, even president can listen to us like that. Then, there at the school, while crying, he has had taught some lessons that’d be repeated in every single class he’ll ever go. And what does he do in school ? He fills his mind with destruction that starts from a friendly punches to all out battle of school gangs. All these including abusing, shoving up a compass into a classmates butt or breaking tube lights before leaving that school. 

We’re often taught to learn from the teachers or learn from the best. Let me give you an example of each teaching. I met my school principal who told me to ‘wake up at 4, at maximum 5, then after getting fresh, start studying and don’t stop till 3 hrs, have breakfast and sit back to study.” So sir, when will I focus on my health and other countries curricular activities in which I’m good at ?

The same thing happened to teachers’ when my history teacher told me to study atleast 15 hours a day !! No offence but,… WTF ?

In foreign countries, children are put into varieties of activities since they begin their schooling so that the people and the students themselves can know which skill suits them best. Study or other ? But at India the Period of physical education which is taught once or maximum twice in every week is taken by maths or other subjects so the teachers can ‘finish’ the course

At last, I just wanna say that you don’t think that I say I’m right. Just observe, think and