Pride is my only jewel

My pride is my soul 

My soul immortal 
Break this body 
I’ll not ask for mercy 
Even undone 
I kneel to no one 
The only 
and one 

Make me cry? 
I’d rather Die 
Nothing is worth begging for 
Not money 
Not fame 
Not hunger 
Not love 
Not life 

I will not bow 
I will no break 
Everything you throw 
I’ll take 

In my book 
If you have no pride 
You’re not worth knowing! 

My pride 
My savior 
Makes me a god of thunder 
The worlds most extraordinary lover 
The deepest thinker 
Most profound feeler 
No one is my match 
No one is my equal 
I pity those who are not me 
They will never know what it’s like 
To take life in 
With pure greed 

Be you mighty 
Or meek 
Despair and envy me 
Look unto me and dream 
Of what you could be 

For my pride is there 
To guide me 
To remind me 
There is no one greater in this world 
Than me 
I am almighty 
Let the humble bow 
I’ll not 

When I meet my maker 
I will stand before him 
And look at his glory 
And take my pride 
And say ‘look upon it! ’ 
‘Isn’t it a worthy trophy? ’ 
‘Is love of my accomplishments 
My passing of time 
My triumphs 
My errors 
My glory 
Mine crime? ’ 

Is pride truly the greatest sin? 
Did it not save me countless times. 
Kept me standing where others fell? 
Made decisions my very own? 
The essence of individuality 
In Escaping conformity? 

If asked to part 
I’ll say nay 
‘Saying but you made me this way! ’ 
And go my own way 
Not entering another’s HIS domain 
I’ll have my pride as companion 
Always by my side 

No one will get the better of me 
Not while my pride holds me 
For am I not unlike God 

Made in his own image?

Happiness : the real meaning

The day when you realise that life isn’t about proving somebody wrong, it’s about getting together and making it right. Never to blame anybody and never to get away from a fight is what leads to a real “life”. The people you know and the people you like, to make them happy and to share their moments of both happiness and misery, makes one’s life truly immortalized. 

As vision in the Avengers said “something isn’t beautiful because it lasts forever”. The Ultron wanted to tell the humans the immortalization is not what someone really needs to remain in the hearts of his known ones. 

Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you

Tick tock goes the clock !!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock,

Glancing up at the clock,
The sound it makes resounds within,
So many mixed messages lie therein.

Tock Tick, Tock Tick,
Does time move on slow or quick?
Looking back, time is passing all too fast,
And yet it crawls by when we’d like it to pass.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock
That sound gives quite a shock,
When there are so many things we need to do,
Yet the day’s gone by, it’s almost through.

Tock Tick, Tock Tick,
To our choices, we must stick,
It’s frustrating to hear that ticking sound,
Cuz, what’s done is done, time can’t turn around.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock,
Time can seem like a rock,
Solid still, inert, nothing will penetrate,
When there’s something special to anticipate.

Tock Tick, Tock Tick,
It can be akin to a candle wick,
On which the flame consumes the wax,
Ablaze, but, impossible to get it back

Tick tock, there’s nothing for this thing to stop

Away from emotions and moments goes the clock

The PAST !! #ThoughtOfTheDay

Man leave the past in the past. That’s where it belongs. The trouble with addicts is that they carry bad memories around with them – like old luggage. And in that luggage that’s where they carry their blueprint for living. You got to decide what’s worth keeping, and then set the rest of it on the curb for the garbage.

The past is important because it builds the foundation where future blossoms. But we can’t stick to a seed as it is essential to grow the former in a plant. We should, must and have to focus on the present. Why ? Because that’s what in our manipulative control. As it’s written in Bhagwad Gita “you have the right to work only. But you are not entitled to the fruits of action”

The Winning mentality : #ThoughtOfTheday

I realised that the winning mentality in life is very important because it gives us motivation and rage to go ahead of our own limits and capabilities. This mentality follows every aspects of life whether it’s landing a great job or winning a football match. If don’t have the mentality of winning in enough quantity and quality, we’d never learn the meaning of being the better one in the pack.

We should really learn to have winning mindset because to achieve anything, MINDSET is everything

Gods and Legends

What defines a God ? God is the one with the supreme value, the creator of the world, the one that shows us the right path when the time is against us. But here’s a fact about the mighty name ‘God’. It is imperceptible. We never seen the being called ‘god’ and even if anyone did, there’s no embossed proof of the former. Many people will say that there are certain miracles or things transpired (like the invention of human life) which can receive our faith in God. So in short, god is a undeniable yet invisible thing or energy which reflects our Actions in our future. Examples of God : Lord Shiva, Krishna, Jesus Christ, Lord Ram, etc.

Now what defines a legend ? A legend is a mortal, destroyable, living or non living thing which inspires us living the life an ideal way. Legends goad is to go through things, not which are hypothetical but instead what’s transpired and have been done before. 

Hardwork, dedication and enthusiasm. The three creates an ordinary person into one of the the deserved ideals for the world to look on with a hope and motive. Examples of legends : The Ramayan, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Swami Vivekananda, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.

The bottom line is that both – legends and Gods are important to lead a satisfactory and ethical life. Where gods show us the path, legends show us how to walk on that path. Both are important in our life

A wing and a prayer

Under the wing of an angel, we feel protected

  Through prayers to God, we feel connected

            Peace is said to be offered on the wings of a dove

    Prayers can bring peace along with hope, faith, and love

      Wings of a jet plane provide steady flight

   I pray you remain steady and strong through this fight

   Butterflies have wings to fly playfully free

    And free from this monster is what I pray you’ll soon be

   Birds spread their wings as they may leave their nest

    We’re spreading our prayers that you’ll always be Blessed

 Go fight and win this battle you didn’t start

  On the wings of an angel and prayers from my heart