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When dealing with people remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion


15 years (Birthday special)

So today is the day when I say bye bye to my 14’s and begin a new journey in my 15th year of life. Not so old, not so experienced but these last 2 years had been one hell of a changeover for my personality. I really can’t explain how was it done, I can just say that it was aj extra force to motivate me for being the person I am at the moment. Well I am not a millionaire or a famous person, but I’m one of the greatest all arounder ever born around (not trying to be too cocky though 😂). But sometimes that doesn’t seem to be enough though. A very disappointing day going on right now but I think it’ll change as the sun sets.
It’s been quite a good ride with shades of love, hate, fight, ego, motivation, creativity, sportsmanship, etc. Well I’m just 15 so I don’t have that much to say about my “whole” life (which is quite small yet), but at this early age I’ve been through a lot. The happiness, the pain, the glory, the agony, the insult and what not ?
On this day, I solemnly swear that I’m upto no good, just kidding, I solemnly swear to be better and better every single year, every single day, every single second. I swear to be a better blogger, better swimmer, better guitarist, better sportsman and most importantly, a better person

Mental visualisation

One of the most overlooked yet the most profound aspect which can determine our success is our mental visualisation. The fact is that when ever we are to embark on a new venture, we often find ourselves obsessively visualizing the outcome. We are too fixated on mentally enjoying the fruits of our labour that we hardly ever let our thoughts fall on the actual labour itself.

What most people don’t realize is that even mentally devouring the fruits of our future achievements actually tricks our subconscious mind and even our body’s physiology. One of the major reasons seemingly intelligent people procrastinate is due to their vivid visualisations of success.

” Many of us visualise success ( or failure or both!) – even if we don’t realise it or believe in the practice. Unfortunately, many of us visualise sucees in a way that can actually lead to procrastination rather than help us to work towards our goals”