There’s no ‘someday’

“We shall overcome, we shall overcome someday. Deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall overcome someday.” I’m sure many of you remember this inspirational childhood song that still inspire us to never give and to always have a light of hope lit in our hearts. Indeed, hope is the only word which is a novel to the existence of this planet. Hope is something that’s one of the most important, if not the most important thing a human must possess when it comes to surviving the day to day darkness and awkwardness around.

But let’s just get a reality check, there’s no surety for the days ahead. Nobody in the world knows what will happen tomorrow so it’s better to do the things we want today itself. That’s where I get a doubt on this song as it says we’ll have peace around “someday”. How do we know that we’re gonna live till that day ? So that’s where some confusion goes around our mind. But let’s be honest, we can’t get what we want at the same we do. We have to wait, whether it’s out of our own choice or the situation’s. The “someday” which the song mentions here comes into play in only some points of our life where we don’t control the things alone ; and our thoughts, actions, motives don’t get included in it



Bird in a cage

We Set free

Soaring in the sky…


All cherish

Reaching a new high

Statue of Liberty’s

Raised torch of hope

Liberty Bell

Sending chimes

From years gone by

Iconic symbols

Of freedom and peace

Truthful path of ahimsa

Mahatma Gandhi laid

Relentless effort and passion

Nelson Mandela made

Nations greet each

Stalwart of freedom

We all seem to devalue

What we have in hand…

Freedom’s duty

And responsibility

Freedom’s precious

Let’s not forget

Protect thy freedom

Also protect others

Equality among equals

Whenever we say that our life isn’t happening good, someone says “you’re lucky just look at the people below you like your maid or driver”. At some point, it’s true what they say but after some points it affects our thinking and our mindset just get stuck to the level of them only. Then, we can’t think of something big. To broaden our thinking, we should never compare our lives to others because every single bit of a human’s body and mind is as different from the other as clouds from the earth.

In civics too, it is written to have equality, but among equals as you can’t compare a king to a peasant as that would be hypothetical and a disrespect to both the bodies. 

We’re, from our birth, are taught to show the moral standards the world accepts and, after that, allows us to continue our life not being discarded. However, we can only learn these teachings when we live between people of our own standards and thinking. Because 

Virtue can only four among equals.

No control !!!

I can’t control it. 

I can’t contain it.
I’m lost within it.
I’m not mistaken.
Every little thing I do it hurts.
Every little thing I say it burns.
Every little thing I do won’t fade away….
I’m so lost in a dark abyss.
Have no way to escape from it.
What in the world am I gonna do….
I can’t control it.
I can’t contain. 
So much trouble,
Inside my brain.
I’ve got nooo control.
I’ve got nooo control.
Help me from my soul.
Cause I’ve got no control.
What in this life did I do to deserve,
Show ’em how I care,  show them what their worth.
While no one ever was even there for me….
Spent my whole life,  tryna do some good.
Had a great time like I knew I should.
Little did I know that would all soon change….
And now I’ve got nooo control.
Ya i have lost aall control.
Please save me from my soul.

Cause now I’ve got nooo control…

Be like NO ONE (deep thoughts)

I might have some unethical style of writing blogs, some misconceptions of grammar and words, swearing and condemning the people and some customs of the society. 

Look at a tree, selfless service provider, standing tall with pride yet so generous as it showers the sweet and juicy fruits upon us. Be like a Tree

Look at Thor, the mythological god of thunder, so Pride, honorable, fearless, a warrior and the defender of Asgard who didn’t accepted the throne because he thought he didn’t deserve it. Be like Thor

Look at Eden Hazard, the Belgian international Soccer star, hardworking, dedicated, one of the best in the world, a great player and a more great human in life. Be like Hazard

Look at your father, fighting hard, motivational, can do anything for your happiness, loves you no matter how good or bad you are. Be like your father

Look at Dwayne Johnson, WWE legend, great actor, sick speaking skills, badass attitude, a brand more than a human, beast gymer yet so generous and kind. Be like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

We should get inspired from them, not try to be a ditto copy of them (if we can’t do it) because we’ll never be like anyone. That’s why I say

“No one” is like you, be like NO ONE 

Struggling with happiness

We all have a period of time in our life where the odds are against us, where things don’t work out as they’re expected to. Where we STRUGGLE !!

That’s right we all struggle in life then whether it’s a student struggling to get his degree, a father struggling to keep his children happy or a old man struggling to find a reason to live. But what really makes the difference is that how we cope with this struggle of the longest-running marathon of the world – LIFE. 

Michael Phelps once said “if you do a job which you love, you don’t have to work a single day of your life”but with that being said we all know he struggled to be the GOAT athlete. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson said and I quote, “blood, sweat and tears, the first you give, the last you get”. It’s obvious that the quotes which are said from the people have a taste of their own perspective and experience of life.

It’s about what we do with the struggle. Do we enjoy it ? Or do we take it as a stress ? We should always enjoy our struggle by thinking what we’ll achieve after getting through this period of time. The world lies on hope, so should our thinking. If we hope for a better tomorrow, we can surely work our butt off and act a leave it all philosophy in the area where we are struggling. It’s about time when the tables turns and the bell of good times ring around, we should always work for a great present and work for a PHENOMENAL tomorrow. That’s how we’ll consider the struggle of life as a enjoyable, adorable marathon which god created for us to get inspired and keep inspiring