Wizards and Sorcerers : The difference

We often hear the disputes and confusion surrounding the difference between a wizard and a sorcerer. Many gamers, explorers, fiction lovers and people from different fields are always debating a part of their minds to find out the most ‘BASIC’ difference between the two. So here’s my thought about the most basic difference between a wizard and a sorcerer :

Sorcerers are said to be more inherently adept to magic and are considered as natural spell casters whereas Wizards  learn their craft and spells from long hours of studying and meditation

Summary :

1.The term wizard is a term derived from the Anglo-Saxon (Old English) term “wysard,” which means “the wise one.” They are often depicted as beings that do a formal study about spells for them to be able to cast them. While, The term “sorcerer,” by contrast, is of Old French origin “sorcier” which also means the same thing as its other counterpart.

2.Sorcerers are said to be more inherently adept to magic and are considered as natural spell casters.

3.Wizards learn their craft and spells from long hours of studying and meditation.

4.Wizards are often pictured as old magicians with long beards while sorcerers are usually more youthful than the wizards.

5.Based on some popular fantasy games, wizards rely so much on their spell books for them to create magic unlike sorcerers who can cast such out of thin air.


Thomas Alva Edison: The greatest mind ever born

Everyday when we switch on the bulb or hear our favorite songs from our music player, we often remember that one name who gave us the pleasure and happiness of the light and the happiness, that one name who showered his grace upon the people all rounds the world- Thomas Alva Addison. The greatest American ever lived. He’s was a inventor of his words and an inventor who kept his promise

Today, it is not possible to imagine life without Edison’s inventions. He is certainly one of the greatest inventors in history. Among his many inventions included incandescent electric light bulb, phonograph, the motion picture projector, the automatic multiplex telegraph, the carbon telephone transmitter and the alkaline storage battery. Born on 11th February, 1847 in the city of Milan, Ohio, he’s one of the most genius minds of all time

Even at childhood, the reins of school and under age limits didn’t stop Addison to fulfill his wants for getting answers of the questions that struck his mind. He owed a great favor to his mother- Sarah, who listened to his questions with great patience and tried to answer them all. At early age of nearly 13, Addison went out to explore and to get experience wherever he can find it. He sold newspapers, stalled vendor shops at railway stations and worked in factories. He was loving this. After sometimes, he established a small laboratory in his train which was closed after a incident happened in the train. After becoming a famous scientist, he set up his own lab in the factory

He developed a complete electrical distribution system for light and power, set up the world’s first power plant in New York City, and invented the alkaline battery, the first electric railroad, and a host of other inventions that laid the basis for the modern electric world. 

Thomas helped the states by doing war time inventions during the world. He said “I’ll never make such a thing which will help in growing the war, I’m here to make people happy” and he kept his promise

He died at his home in New Jersey on October 18, 1931.

He’s one of the greatest if not the greatest minds that has ever lived on earth

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration”

Books: the importance

Once a great man said ‘books are the only true friend of a human heart’. Who said it and why he said it I don’t know, I just quoted it because he said it, he was great and now this line is said by two great men, lol, jokes apart but seriously this quote has a solid piece of HEAVY reality in it. Books are really the only true friend of a homo sapien (human). It can give you anything and I mean anything. If you want a helping hand in completing your school assignment, want some knowledge about how to do the algorithm right, want to learn that who invented kaleidoscope or read a great epic like Mahabharata for your satisfaction. Hell if you’re feeling sad you can pick up a joke book and read it to light up your mood
We all have different personalities and different interests. Books got it all covered. From philosophy to science and from history to the future tech, you can get it all. You can get information on any topics ex. Sports, technology, history, civics, logic etc and etc. You can turn that topic into a profession if you like otherwise you can do it for what you want. I often read a book online or in the library that are based on history, myth, science, music, sports and English. But you can read according to your want. 
Books aren’t important only for learning or gaining knowledge, it can always show you pathways in your life. More books one will read more one’s mind will open up to different ideas. You will get to know different way to handle or tackle problems in your life. 

Books guides you through the civilization. Books help you to understand the cultures and their evolution over time. Most important part is that books makes you a better man as they teach you norms of the society. Our mind is like a flower, if the materials needed for our growth is supplied in enough quantity and of good quality, it can be developed into one of the most beautiful flower in the world. So it’s our duty, hell ! It’s never was our duty, it should be our lust to develop our mind in that flower. We just need to be consistent no need to live on ‘go hard or go home’, just stay consistent. Those who say ‘go hard or go home’ are the inetlying to themselves only not the others. You don’t need to read a full book in one day. I’m saying that even if you read one or two pages of any of the book of your interest daily, your mind will develop effectively and visibly
The books are the best example of a friend- no complains, no demands. They don’t want anything for caressing us so much. 

Remember that reading the books will tell you why you’re born and by letting them go beside you, YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE