Some homes are quiet, polished, neat
But one I know is far more sweet
Where tiny smudges on the wall
Tell of fingers dear and small.
Where toys are sometimes strewn about
And doors are banging in and out.
Where little children play and sing,
And laughter’s often heard to ring…
The home I love is filled with noise
Of happy little girls and boys!


Family !!

        Your family are people, you can depend, 

If you get in trouble, they shall defend. 
They are the one’s that understand, 
Always willing to give you a hand.

Your family, you should always cherish, 
Without them you would probably perish. 
Your connection with them is very deep, 
If something happens, together you weep.

You family can help, your confidence build, 
With their love and support, you’ll feel fulfilled. 
Just don’t forget to show your appreciation, 
That will strengthen your relation.

A family love

To be apart of a family like mine 

is so divine 
where love is shown 
hurt is shared 
our love for each other is never impaired 

we talk 
we laugh 
we cry 
but we are a family 
and we do it all together 
for as a family 
we do it all as one 

you hurt one 
you hurt all 
and as a family unit 
we will all stand tall 
for we are family 
a family full of strength 
a family full of love 
a family no one can touch 
that’s why I love my family so much.

I am grateful: blog for every son out there

I am grateful for being raised on this lovely, caring and joyful country. I am grateful for my parents to give me the birth and to make me into who I am today. I am grateful to every single body out there who was there for me in my happiness as well as my sadness. I am grateful to my mother who had me in her womb for nine months and then to love me without even thinking of any return. I am grateful to my father who fulfilled all my silly needs, to give me the confidence and to teach me the right separation between the good and the bad. I am grateful to my brother who was always there for me 24/7, laughed when I laughed and when I cried, he consoled me. I am grateful to my friends who loved me dearly and respected my opinions. I am grateful to all the TV shows, movies, games and sports which built the STARK ATTITUDE in me. I am grateful to the WordPress who gave me the opportunity to express my opinions all around the world. I’m grateful to my house where I lived and had all the various moments of 15 years of my life

I am grateful to every single thing or person which I think…. It’s just I don’t show it !!

I am grateful

Questions asked

What to do with running all life long ? What to do to chasing money all the time ? If this is life then what is death ? When was the last time you’ve seen the beauty of the rising sun ? We know all the whereabouts of the world- real and virtual. But we don’t have time to know about our loved ones ? When was the last time you skipped the office and went to a drive with your family ? When was the last time you focused on learning instead of getting the marks ? When was the last time you didn’t want to be the best but to be the unique ? When was the last time you tried to be yourself ? Don’t know right ? Here’s the answer

We all are the sons of soil who will merge in the mud at the last. We always run in the marathon of life but we don’t​ have to. Sometimes, we can just ‘Calma‘ and let the world await. I know that I’m not the most important or popular person in the room but I’m just suggesting you to observe the things that surrounds us and just taste the feeling. These questions have some of the very simplest answers one can get but the thing is, we can’t find it. They say successful people wake up early and never rest, I say what’s the point of being successful if you have to wake up early and never rest ?

Even machines need rest then we are humans ‘the mortals’