Secondat Montesquieu : all you need to know about the constitution reformer

Charles Louis de Secondat was born in Bordeaux, France, in 1689 to a wealthy family. Despite his family’s wealth, de Decondat was placed in the care of a poor family during his childhood. He later went to college and studied science and history, eventually becoming a lawyer in the local government. Charles’s father died in 1713 and he was taken care by his uncle Baron De Montesquieu, the president of the Bordeaux parliament. When the Baron died, he left Secondat his fortune, the office of the president and his title Baron De Montesquieu

Later, he was the member of Bordeaux and French academics of science. He studied the laws, customs and government of the countries of Europe. 

Secodant became famous by his famous Persian letters in 1721 which criticised the lifestyle and liberties of wealthy people and even the Church. The greatest work of writing by Montesquieu was on the spirit of laws (1748) which outlined his idea that how a government should work.

Montesquieu’s idea of the best government was the ‘seperation of powers’ in which three branches of government has equal but different powers. He wrote “when the law making and law enforcement power lies in the same person, there can be no Liberty.” According to him, each branch of the government should be inter-controllable so that no branch could threaten the Liberty of the people. This idea of constitution by Montesquieu, later, went on to become the basis of the constitution of United States of America

“Government should be set up so that no man fears another” 


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Nicolaus Copernicus: the father of astronomy

To know that we know what we know, and to know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.”

Born on 19 February, 1473 in the city of Thorn in the province of royal Prussia- the kingdom of Poland. Despite being from a wealthy merchant’s family with a politically active father (Nicolaus Copernicus​ sr.) who was active in supporting Poland against the Teutonic order. After the death of his father, Copernicus’ studies were looked after. By his maternal uncle. He became very prolific in some languages for example spoken Latin, German, etc.

In 1496, Copernicus left to the University of Bologne Italy, where he studied Canon Law with a view to a career in the church. After completing his studies, he temporarily succeeded to the Warmia Canonry. However, he was never fully ordained as a priest and turned away from Canon law – preferring the humanities which were of greater interest to him.

Copernicus created a model of the universe which placed the sun at the centre of the universe (heliocentrism) – challenging the prevailing orthodoxy of the time – which believed the earth at the centre of the universe.

His major work De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (1543) (On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres) was published just before his death and marked an important scientific landmark – it was a key moment in the scientific 

Copernicus created a model of the universe which placed the sun at the centre of the universe (heliocentrism) – challenging the prevailing orthodoxy of the time – which believed the earth at the centre of the universe.

His major work De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (1543) (On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres) was published just before his death and marked an important scientific landmark – it was a key moment in the scientific revolution of the Renaissance period.

With being a pioneer astronomer, Nicolaus was an expert in many aspects as he was practising physician, economist, diplomat, scholar and gained an awful lot of doctorate in canon law

Emmanuel Macron: All you need to know 

I never had any interest in politics but this man, Emmanuel Jean- Michel Frédéric Macron has inspired or you can say bounded me to write a blog on him because of his unbreakable will power and passion. Macron is so “Napoleon” as he has all the likeness referring to the great French emperor. Napoleon took the throne in 1804 when he was 34 whereas Macron took the throne in 2017 when he is just 39. It’s so likely.

It’s not often you see someone making his own party only a year ago and three years before no even knew his name and last night was crowned the youngest president of one of the most powerful and important country of the world- France by a big margin of votes (66.06% in his favour). 

The leader of his self-made party En Marche! proved all the odds wrong as a scandal ran through France before the election as well as Macron’s election campaign site was hacked. But it didn’t stop the 39 year old from winning and taking the oath to balance the nation’s wretched state of economy. He also promised to fully support the European Union (EU). 

Macron is considered as a middle class person as he was a investment banker and it’s​not long enough when he stepped into the politics as a whole. His wife is 24 years older than him (64 years). They tied their knot in 2007. Their love story began Emmanuel’s​school where she was a teacher and was told about Macron by his daughter Laurens. 

Macron promised make France a even better state than it is right now. His words after being elected as the president can be read but is very long lol so I’m just gonna write down his last words before ending the speech

“Let’s love France. From this evening, and for the next five years, I am going to serve it on your behalf, with humility, devotion and determination.

“Long live the Republic, long live France!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: a living legend

“Blood, sweat, respect, the first one we give and the last one we take” this quote describes the life of the most ELECTRIFYING man in the world Dwayne Johnson or The Rock as we all know it. Dwayne is an actor, producer, singer and a professional wrestler- the main characteristic of the rock which made him Soooooo great. The rock belongs to a family which is pedigreed by great wrestlers, but let’s be honest, Dwayne is the greatest in his blood race. At the age of twenty three, Dwayne had “only $7 bucks” in his pocket, he knew only two things- he was “broke as hell” and one day “he won’t be”. 

Therenwere several instances and arrests that could have defined Dwayne Johnson and forced him down not only a path of incarceration, but also could have limited him to a wrestling lifestyle which has claimed countless lives due to the demands of the road, and the bodily injuries that are often healed through self-medication in the sport.But they didn’t.

There was even a time in The Rock’s life where his mom and himself had no house to live so he went on to become a destructive teenager stealing the jewellery in the high end blocks. He wasn’t​ a great learner in theft, so he often landed in the jail 

At the age of sixteen, The 6’4 and 244 lbs measured Dwayne became a wanted defensive lineman by hard training given to him by Jody Cwik.l and joining the Miami hurricanes.But he couldn’t take it to the next level

Johnson made his WWF debut in 1996, fighting under the shared moniker of his father and grandfather’s names, “Rocky Maivia.” As fate would have it, he would square off against the Brooklyn Brawler – who was also the first opponent of his father. After a knee injury, Johnson turned his back against the crowd by joining one of the greatest factions in WWE ‘The Nation of Domination” and the rest was HISTORY !!

Dwayne is now famous all over the globe and achieved what some people struggle their whole life to do. Everyone loves The Rock whether he’s in Hollywood as Bad@** police officer or Buring down the nerds of WWE by his Exceptional micwork. He’s famous in millions and millions of The Rock fans. The trail blazing, eyebrow raising, always the best in present, future and past, always ready to put some gas, if you don’t like him you can kiss the people’s @**. 



Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was born in Anchiano, Tuscany (now Italy), close to the town of Vinci that provided the surname we associate with him today. In his own time he was known just as Leonardo or as “Il Florentine,” since he lived near Florence—and was famed as an artist, inventor and thinker.

Largely self-educated, he filled dozens of secret notebooks with inventions, observations and theories about pursuits from aeronautics to anatomy. 

             Did you know Leonardo was the first  to explain why the sky is blue. (It’s because of the way air scatters light.)

His combination of intellect and imagination allowed him to create a bicycle, a helicopter, an aeroplane at least on a paper. He never invented it in real life because of the difficulty in interpreting his theory and idea.

“The Monalisa” painting (Louvre museum, Paris), “the Madonna” and “The last supper” was some of his greatest work in the field of art

He crushed intelligent design before anyone even thought of it: His studies of river erosion convinced him that the Earth is much older than the Bible implies, and he argued that falling sea levels—not Noah’s Flood—left marine fossils on mountains

Did you know Da Vinci was an ambidextrous, paranoid dyslexicl means he could draw forward with one hand while writing backward with the other, producing a mirror-image script that others found difficult to read

He was called the ‘Renaissance man’ or I should say the prototype of the Renaissance because though, he wasn’t the best in his fields of work but he had a wide range of art, science, anatomy and aeronautics stored in his mind arsenal. So we can say that he wasn’t the “Best in the world” or a “Perfect 10” but he surely was a PHENOMENAL ONE

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Martin Luther: the most significant figure in the western history

Born in Eisleben, Germany on 10th November, 1483, Martin Luther was the Hans and Margaret Luther. Hans wanted Martin to be a lawyer, so he sent him to a new school in Eisenach. He attained a master’s degree from the school in 1505. 

In July of that year, Luther got caught in a violent thunderstorm, in which a bolt of lightning nearly struck him down. He considered the incident a sign from God and vowed to become a monk if he survived the storm. The storm subsided, Luther emerged unscathed and, true to his promise, Luther turned his back on his study of the law days later on July 17, 1505. Instead, he entered an Augustinian monastery.

He was a monk till 1517 when he penned down a document that attacked on the corrupt practice of the church of selling ‘indulgences’ to absolve the people from their sins

His“95 Theses,” which propounded two central beliefs—that the Bible is the central religious authority and that humans may reach salvation only by their faith and not by their deeds—was to spark the Protestant Reformation. His actions divided the Christian religion into two sects. Although, these ideas were being raised before but Martin codified them to leave its mark in the western history

“You’re not only responsible for what you say but also for what you do not say”