There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.


The winters- A fun and lazy way to hate summers

So guys it’s winter just knocking on the door and it’s just that excited to escort us to the days of fun and excitement ahead. So there are many points and reasons to hate as well as love winter. Well I, myself, am a winter lover so I’m just going for the reasons to Love the season which is adorably called ‘the kiss before Christmas’.
  1. The clothes- well we all love apparels don’t we ? But we don’t love is the anathematized stuff of changing clothes the second after we reach home from the outside world (that’s heating and burning us down all over). Winters lets us wear out clothes for a far much longer time than summers do. So you can wear your favorites top to show off from morning to the day
  2. The sweat– well this point is very much contemporary to the first one but with some hate for the dirty sticky excretion of salt and water from our body. Sweating is good for your health but the sweating that summers offer to us is the one which can be comprehensively recurring and muggy all together. Sweating profusely by the sun is very irritating and I speak from experience 😂
  3. The food- aren’t almost all of us are foodie ? Well certainly I am. So speaking from the foodies P.O view I can proudly say that ‘ I love winters !!’. Because winters offer a larger variety of foods (vegetables or others) rather than summer. And plus, eating a stale food doesn’t everytime gives you a rumbly tummy in the cold weather.
  4. The diseases- have you ever seen the newspapers brim with the news of people getting a meningitis or dengue in winters more than the summers ? That’s because of the layman’s fact that the insects can’t reproduce when the temperature and falls and hibernates. The meningitis is caused by the oppressive heating of our Brain (obviously that by burning sun), so the chances are more in summers. Sure you can still get a stomach infection, headache or cold fever due to winter’s cold
In my opinion, winters are better and sweeter than the oppressive and inexorable summers What are your opinions about winters and the reasons to hate/love it. Make sure to comment your views. It’ll be very Glorious of you.
Namaste 🙏🙏

Bolo har har

Aag Bahe Teri Rag Mein
Tujhsa Kahaan Jag Mein
Hai Waqt Ka Tu Hi To Pehla Pehar
Tu Aankh Jo Khole To Dhaaye Kehar

Toh Bolo Har Har Har
Toh Bolo Har Har Har

Aadi Na Ant Hai Uska
Woh Sabka Na Inka Unka
Wohi Hai Maala
Wohi Hai Manka
Mast Malang Wo Apni Dhunn Ka

Antar Mantar Tantar Jaagi
Hai Sarvatra Ke Swabhimaani
Mrityunjay Hai Maha Vinaashi
Omkar Hai Isi Ki Vaani
Isi Ki, Isi Ki, Isi Ki Vaani
Isi Ki, Isi Ki, Isi Ki Vaani

Bhang Dhatura Bell Ka Patta
Teeno Lok Isi Ki Satta
Vish Peekar Bhi Adig Amar Hai
Mahadev Har Har Hai Japta

Wohi Shoonya Hai Wohi Ikaai
Wohi Shoonya Hai Wohi Ikaai
Wohi Shoonya Hai Wohi Ikaai
Jiske Bheetar Basta Shiva Hai


Nagendra Haraya Trilochanaya
Basmanga Ragaya Maheswaraya
Nithyaya Shudhaya Digambaraya
Tasmai Nakaraya Namashivaya

Shiva Trahimam
Shiva Trahimam
Shiva Rakshyamam
Shiva Trahimam
Shiva Trahimam

Mahadev Ji Trahimam
Tvam Trahimam
Shiva Rakshyamam
Shiva Trahimam

Aankh Moond Kar Dekh Raha Hai
Saath Samay Ke Khel Raha Hai
Mahadev Maha Ekaki
Jiske Liye Jagat Hai Jhanki
Jata Mein Ganga
Chaand Mukut Hai
Somya Kabhi Kabhi Bada Vikat Hai

Aag Se Jalna Hai Kailashi
Shakti Jiski Dard Ki Pyaasi
Hai Pyaasi, Haan Pyaasi

Ram Bhi Uska, Ravan Uska
Jivan Uska Maran Bhi Uska
Taandav Hai Aur Dhyan Bhi Woh
Agyaani Ka Gyaan Bhi Woh Hai

Aankh Teesri Jab Yeh Khole
Hile Dhara Aur Swarg Bhi Dole
Goonj Uthe Har Disha Kshitij Mein
Naand Usi Ka Bam Bam Bhole
Wahi Soonye Hai Wahi Ikaayi
Wahi Soonye Hai Wahi Ikaayi
Jiske Bhitar Basa Shiva Hai

Toh Bolo Har Har Har

The “mortals” of MELUHA

“Whether a man is a legend or not is decided by history, not fortune tellers.”
– Amish ( writer of Shiva triology)
The gods and the legends (as I said in my earlier blog- Gods and legends) are some of the most important and biggest aspirations of the human transpience. It doesn’t matter whether one’s a mythical god-type creature or just a homo sapien made up of flesh and bone because only the latter creates the former. And this vary crucnch was proved and written in a PHENOMENAL mytho-historically in the ‘SHIVA TRIOLOGY’.
The whole plot of the book was to prove that our actions are the only things what make us a mere sheep or an icon to the world The story was built such a way that even if you’re a Hindu and worship lord ram and others as a god, you’ll never seem to notice that how your perception for them from “mythical characters” to “karma-made phenomenon”.
The story thesaurus is that there are both, devil and god in your deep inner potential. The thing to heed is what do you choose to flaunt over other because there’s no way that either of them can be perished completely.