Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.

.-Lyndon B. Johnson


2017: The year of the G.O.A.T

As my previous year 2016 was one hell of a flop and one of the worst years yet with all sorts of problems from dropping out of my school to getting scolded by all, getting embarassingly overweight that I couldn’t be fit in my shirts, depression and what not
And then 2017 started with me preparinh fory board exams and nailing it with a 78% percent grade without any tutions or boring school stuff. The exam went easily and some flirting started to take me on (as it’s normal in this age 😉).
Ithen continued my way ahead, looking forward to continue swimming professionally, I went to the pool which felt like I came home. But the people and the coaches, who knew me since I was 7 made it feel Like there’s no room for an obese and clumsy guy like me. They always taught me what to do to my body. It went only for two days and after I caught my energy fever, I called it a day to my this season’s swimming as I was embarassed by me being unfit.
I thought I had lost the last talent that was left in me, but then, I remembered “when there’s no door opened, use the windows”. I, therefore, focused on my guitar playing and sports and became a GUITAR GOD and continued being the best player in the park.
I then got myself into taking revenge to all those who made fun of my body and my lack of words for them. The anger drove me on that path, because It’s a fact that if you’re not angry, you can’t give your all. Then, in the mid April or may, I started following a great, consistent and fast-forward routine to my way ahead with my 2 hours in the gym CLENGING AND BANGIN’ and 3 Hours guitar practice. I began to take my interest into books when I read the shiva trilogy followed by harry potter and a biography which later turned into my bible- I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
I got into with a girl(I call her Kitty) who became special to me and I became special to her. We can’t describe what we are, we aren’t in a relationship, we’re in BOND that’ll never be broken.
At the very last month, I had my pinky finger broken in such a way that I gotta learn to live with it tangled or have a 6-7 recovery weeks surgery
This 2017, it was never about determination, Passion, motivation, aspirations or anything more philosophical. It was about pure and absolute REVENGE. Revenge to those who told me I wasn’t good enough, to those who saw me as an obese, to those who told me you’ll never move forward in anything but academics, to those who said you’re so mollycoddled, to those who said you should get your anger down.
I have anger driving me forward with BANE (both the word and the character)carrying my body towards power. I never went weak, I kept going on.

I came, I said, I conquered !!

Superstar of the year- AJ styles

Footballer of the year- Paulo Dybala

Best movie of the year- the dark knight triology

Best inspiration of the year: Bane and doctor Strange

Some injuries last #Forever

So I broke my pinky finger on Friday and now the doctors are telling me to go through a surgery in which a metal will tie my bone and the broken piece which will stay in there for 6-7 weeks and had to be taken hygeine care of. But I just refused because I don’t prefer beauty over workrate, and I know many of you doesn’t. So I just said no to that surgery and decided to live with a twisted pinky finger in my left (dominant) hand. I’ve been playing my guitar with the same intensity and greatness that I’ve been showing for months, I’ve been playing volleyball and badminton like the “god” type player I am. I am continuing to be greater and spreading my dominant personality. It’s just some twisted pinky finger and an almost past bearing pain. Anyone who advices me to accept the surgery to remove the pain, I’ve had got only ONE answer for them- Pain’s an old friend

Just love💕💕 (for someone special)

When you find a love, you find a power, a new sensation, an unexplainable feeling and a better view of the world for you. You feel that the second and the better half of yours will always be your partner by your perception. Your view and the opinion for the obnoxiously unfair world changing into a more alluring and eutopian one.
First when you have a tenderness (or the ‘crush’ as the new gen call it) you don’t feel to muster up the courage to even go a little closer to her locker or even talk to her. Once you do dare to say a ‘hi’, a conversation starts in which another hitch in your path, how to go ahead (well if she starts going ahead, thank the lord a trillion times) and when all things are set and accepted, a new, exciting and lovely sensation thuds through your body.
when you look in her eyes and she’s looking back in yours… everything… feels… not quite normal. Because you feel stronger and weaker at the same time. You feel excited and at the same time, terrified. The truth is… you don’t know what you feel except you know what kind of man you want to be. It’s as if you’ve reached the unreachable and you weren’t ready for it.”