India vs USA : what went wrong with the blues

As much as I am proud and happy that my country got its first appearance In a FIFA world cup finals, I hate to admit it that they could’ve gave a great fight to the u-17 team of United States of America. Here are some points which I think caused a great deal of damage to the winning mentality of the ‘ men in blues ‘.

The formation

Well no doubt that a 4-2-3-1 is not a weak formation and definitely, not the one to go easy on. But sometimes, it can backfire. This formation is good for having possession but it can get you some goals only if you have energetic full backs and midfielders who can cover a lot of ground. In my opinion the Indians should’ve used a 4-5-1 formation if they wanted ‘not to concede’ as it can be varied to 4-3-3 or a 4-4-1-1 if you’re feeling confident. The formation was wrong for the Indians as they didn’t have engines to run on which left the striker isolated and even then, they strived for position. I am not a specialist in the tactics if the beautiful game, but I doubted that the blues carry out the formation from the beginning

The wrong thinking

Football, as we all know it, is an attacking game and more of a physical one. So you try your full force to break through the opposition defence by your speed, physicality or your skills. But there’s a counter thinking of it which often times, lead to digging their own graves. The thinking of ‘if you can’t score, don’t concede’. The damage limitation thing should be done when you know that there’s nothing you can do for this game to be turned around. But not when you’re 1-0 down at 45 minutes and attacking good. Let me say it in one sentence “India defended in numbers and USA attacked in numbers”. I comprehensively hate this thinking of Indian u-17 team coach Luis Norton de Marcos because it sink our players’ thinking and adrenaline to go beyond and do something GLORIOUS. He said he borrowed something from the great Jose Mourinho’s tactical playlist but he didn’t know that he can’t execute it.

The home ‘ disadvantage’

Some ideas in sports are universally accepted but home advantage is one of those unique and somehow non-realistic idea in the field. There was a time when Manchester united was undefeatable (truly undefeatable) at Old Trafford (their home ground) but that was the time when the greatest British manager of all time (perhaps the greatest overall manager) sir Alex Ferguson was in charge. The home advantage is real but sometimes can be turned into a ‘home choke’ which was the case happened at Delhi. The players played but didn’t feel ‘at home’ as they’re were inferior to the opposite players of USA. Because when you’re not ready enough, it doesn’t matter whether you’re at home or away.

Well it’s just the first game of the cup for the team and they proved some good points like they defended quite well in early but they went unlucky when they conceded the harsh penalty given by the referee. So I hope they play well onwards. #BackTheBlue


The special one : Jose Mourinho’s tactical Analysis

As football is concerned, I’m not a certified expert or a coach but I love the game and always look for playing and studying it. So I’ve watched many matches of this manager named Jose Mourinho, who, in my opinion, is the best manager in the world after sir Alex Ferguson and Zinedine Zidane. This man Mourinho just have the tactics like a gamer of FIFA 17 like me. Here are some points that’ll help you understanding this manager tactical life from its Internazionale’s trio to its present reign in Manchester united. 

Never have a back 3 – if you watch the lineup of the team under ‘ the special one’ you’ll come to know that the Portuguese never uses a formation which consists of three defenders instead of two centre backs and two full backs. Whether it’s Chelsea, real Madrid, Manchester united or even Inter Milan (where there’s a default tradition of having a back three), he always have a four man defense line. And keep my bet, he always get success (ex. A treble with inter). I think Mourinho really adapts the FIFA 17 video game in real life

Having some OTG musketeers – well to be honest I didn’t know what to headline this part so I gave it the title. Let me explain. Jose Mourinho always have some players in his mind who he always gets for the team wherever he goes. I mean when he was in Chelsea he had Nemanja Matic and Romelu Lukaku. Then after few years of coaching when he got to Manchester united, he brought these two players just because he and them have an understanding which can only be possessed by a certain blend of manager and players, even if not the best in the world. This is a strategy I always used in career mode

Substitute after an hour – you can’t just force Jose Mourinho to have a substitution before 60+ mins if there’s no injury occured. Well, this is a strategy I’ve been using for long in FIFA 17 the video game. It has a very good use. After an hour, the opposition defenders and midfielders get tired and fatigued and bringing some Pacey (even with poor technique) forwards, wingers and midfielders is always a plus point if you want to snap some goals from the opposition. As it was showed in the 2017-18 premier league season’s match between Manchester united and Swansea city, he brought on three players (two midfielder and one forward) because he knew to make a scoreline from 1-0 to 4-0, you need to have some fresh and Pacey legs.

Chelsea agree fee with AS Monaco for Tiemoué Bakayoko

Chelsea have agreed a £39.8m fee with AS Monaco for midfielder  Tiemoué Bakayoko, report the Times.

The 22-year-old midfielder impressed for Monaco last year as the team won Ligue 1 and reached the Champions League semi-finals and Chelsea have been hoping to strike a deal for weeks.

Now the Blues are happy to push ahead with a move despite Bakayoko carrying a niggling knee injury that is likely to rule him out for two months. Chelsea have been assured there should be no long-term issues.

Antonio Conte was frustrated to see Romelu Lukaku move to Manchester United at the beginning of this week but having already signed German defender Antonio Rüdiger from AS Roma, Chelsea are finally making some progress towards building the squad Conte wants for the new season.

How to become a FIFA GOD: The 4-2-3-1

As we’ve heard before, FIFA has become an icon for the race of sports game in the today’s world. We always try to be the best in it. So here’s a some tips on how to use the 4-2-3-1, which in my opinion is the most Decent attacking formation in the FIFA 17.

Use midfielders with Striker. to create chances is the key 

With five midfielders to choose from, this formation allows a player to keep possession easily while waiting for spaces to open up ahead. A way to link up with your forward is to bring the attacking midfielder into play as his position higher up the pitch is the best chance of providing effective passes to the lone striker. As there is only a single striker, bring your wingers into play to provide outlets, which will prevent the striker from being crowded out.

Be patient when in possession; pass back if there aren’t any options ahead as this will allow you to bring extra players into the attack. This formation can be especially effective when the correct players are chosen for each role on the pitch. If the lone striker is struggling, then an attacking midfielder with impressive shooting and dribbling stats can act as a second striker.

Alternatively, a larger player with more strength may be the best option if you prefer to hold the ball up and wait for support

How sports build your self-esteem​

Rooting for teams is reflective of a primitive tribal impulse that we all have inside of us that wants our group, our geographic tribe, to prevail,” Wiener explains. “So when local sports teams win, there’s plenty of evidence that people actually feel better about themselves. They wear that apparel with pride and glow a little bit.” Research also suggests that having an allegiance to a team in a community setting results in a sense of belonging and can be beneficial to emotional health.”We know that social support is a health benefit, and when you root for a team you instantly have a way to connect with people and share information about yourself and your opinions in a safe way,” adds Wiener. “It’s a really important way in which people in society can communicate and can get to know each other, and therefore stay more connected to each other and boost your self-image.”

10 things to become a FIFA GOD

FIFA games have developed a exceptional significance in the gaming world and is widely renounced for their originality and user’s interface. Some of the casual fans play it as a ‘game’ only and some of the as I like to say ‘Hardcore’ fans like me want to be the best there is around them in FIFA games. So if you’re one from the second group of fans and want to be a ‘FIFA GOD’ in your own rights, you’re at the right place my friend. Here are the PERFECT 10 ! things that will add to your improving Godness in FIFA

  1. ​Find your formation which works best for you
  2. Learn to defend
  3. Learn from your mistakes
  4. Practice, practice and practice
  5. Hardwork combined with smart work
  6. Learn the basics and effective skill moves
  7. Learn to place the right player despite of its overall 
  8. Give youth a chance.
  9. Learn to build up play
  10. Get the best suited camera and controller settings for you

How to make a decent sports edit in Photoshop

We all know that Photoshop is one of the best if not the best editing software ever made. Many of us know it’s name, some know it’s basics and “some” likes to “play” with it. If you’re a sports addict like me, you definitely want to make a PHENOMENAL sports edit all by yourself of your favourite player. Well I don’t know about you but I do. So for the past 2 weeks I was thinking of a way to make a professional as well as cool edit for my favourite football players or WWE superstars or any other characters. So I’m gonna write down some tips or filters for the people who want to do some “pro” editing.

  • Try a smoky effect by simply doing the brushing to one side of your player by a downloaded smoke brush
  • A color splash (removing all the Colors of the image except the color of the Jersey) with a mix of a splatter can be a great way to edit a sportsman on a white background
  • The png (a character image with a transparent background)  on a decent background, made by yourself, downloaded or is a mix of textures can be a fun was of editing for beginners.
  • The Topaz labs is one of the greatest Photoshop filter not only for sports editing but for a normal edit too. You can view it here