The Spaniard signs a new deal with Real Madrid, with a ‘Glorious’ release clause

If sources in Spain are to be believed, Friday beings some good news for Real Madrid fans.

That news? Well AS are reporting that Isco – the man with the silk feet who for so long a transfer target of other clubs – has signed a new deal with the La Liga champions.

AS say it is a four-year deal with the option of extending it by another season

That’s all good but there is another very, very interesting detail in the story. Isco’s buy-out clause has been set at €700m. Yeah, seriously.

Madrid – and presumably lots of other clubs are running scared after what happened with Barcelona and PSG. Indeed, AS add: “There are no players in Madrid’s first-team squad with a clause below 500m … And in Castilla [Real’s ‘B’ team], there are now players with clauses of 300m.”

Wow. Just wow


Why rejoining under Ancelotti will be James’s Renaissance

When James Rodriguez became the latest Galactico to join the star-studded ranks at Real Madrid in July 2014 it was obvious what part of the puzzle he provided for Carlo Ancelotti.

It says everything about James’ quality that a team that had finally achieved their “La Decima” dream by winning the Champions League saw it necessary to fork out €71million to Monaco for his signature.

You don’t have to ponder for long to realise why Madrid made the decision.

James had just taken the football world by storm at the World Cup, winning the Golden Boot award with six goals including a volley against Uruguay that will forever be among the pantheon of great goals at football’s most prestigious tournament.

He did so after spending a solitary season at Monaco in which he scored nine goals and provided a further 12 assists.

Perhaps just as important for Madrid were the devilish good looks and an award-winning smile. Put simply, James was a marketing dream for one of the world’s most globally lucrative clubs.

And in Ancelotti, James had the perfect coach to utilise his talents. 


1. *It’s all a PR Gimmick*: Ronaldo owes taxes, that is true. The tax man does not chase people for fun. They know if they are found to be false, the revenue service will be fined for damages which will be huge. Ronaldo owes taxes on his image rights, which he keeps in an offshore account. Unlike in Africa where people can go away with tax monies, in Europe and America, tax evasion is a big crime, which is liable for conviction. Portugal is on the brink of making history. The confeds have began in Russia, Ronaldo has just annihilated Gigi Buffon’s Juve, and goes to this tourney with his head high. Then the tax man comes in to smear his image. Every body begins to talk about how bad an example Ronaldo is.. Remember, in Spain they already see him as delinquent. This scandal will just affect his concentration in Russia. So what should we do, was the question. Divert attention from your tax issue. Get everyone talk about something else than your negligence to pay tax. Let’s find an agenda that can last for days. Okay, Let’s say you are fed up and want to leave Real. Don’t say it yourself, get your close pals to say it, so that tomorrow you can easily say you never said that. It’s almost summer and bad bad news for Real MADRID will sell. Let’s do it. No one will talk about you evading tax. So let’s get Nuno Luz, one of your good friends who reports for A Bola, a renowned Portuguese Sports Daily to start this, let them talk about your move while you focus and make history with our beloved Portugal. Guys that’s the plot. Ronaldo is too wise to leave Real at this stage

2. *Cristiano Jr:* Ronaldo’s son is in basic school in spain. And he also plays in one of the local teams. Last season he won the pichichi for his age group and his team also won their league. The little boy is been groomed to do far greater than his illustrious dad. Ronaldo has no plans to move him abroad and mess up his education. Besides Ronaldo is the type who always likes to have his son around.  The boy is under the car of Delores Aveira, Ronaldo’s mum who  lives in Madrid and loves the city. Ronaldo been a mummy’s boy will not like to just ignore his mum and move out

.  3. *Georgina Rodriguez:* The name mentioned is Ronaldo’s girlfriend who he intends to marry. Ronaldo is a play boy but that was in the past. He is now a father and 32 years. He intends to settle soon and live with his wife and kids. His girlfriend is Spanish and lives in Madrid. Like Ronaldo’s mum, she also loves the City as she works there too as a model. Ronaldo would have it tough convincing his girlfriend to move to another country
4. *Ronaldo’s Friends:* There are these four guys who you will always find Ronaldo with when he is off the field. One of them is a morrocan UFC fighter. These guys all live in Madrid. They are Ronaldo’s musketeers. Ronaldo lives his life outside football with these guys. They manage some of his businesses for him   Ronaldo loves his friends and he knows Madrid is the best city for their relationship to grow. A move outside Madrid will mean he taking them along or coming to Spain every now and then to spend time with his friends. That will be a costly decision for Ronnie..

5. *The Real Madrid Project*- Real Madrid is embarking on a serious project with Cristiano the leader of this. Real intends to dominate European Football for a decade and they have spelt it out clearly to Commander Ronaldo who is happy to lead the park. Real Madrid is on course to winning 3 more trophies before end of 2017, and Museu CR7, Ronaldo’s Famous Museum cannot afford to let these trophies slip by. Furthermore, there is no team in Europe at the moment as stable as Real Madrid. Real is every footballers ultimate dream and As ambitious as Ronaldo is, he would like to remain at Real to win more trophies

6. *The Allure of The Ballon D’or:* Ronaldo is not a today’s footballer. He understands the politics in the beautiful game. If you want to win a Ballon D’or or appear on a FIFA Best 11 podium, you should either play for Real or Barca. What didn’t Wesley Sneijder do in 2010, or Arjen Robben in 2013, or Manuel Neuer in 2014. Their fault is simple, they don’t play for Real or Barca. Ronaldo is obsessed with winning more Ballon D’ors and he knows any other team apart from Real will mean he has a slim chance. He also knows leaving Real will make Messi the main winner for years to come considering the fact that the Argentine is younger younger and Real will pick another super star to market. Football is no longer what you do on the pitch but also about personality branding. Players like Ozil, Di Maria have had a reduction in their brands since they left Real and Ronaldo is fully aware of this. He knows his relationship with Real is a marriage set up in heaven. He can’t afford to lose the support of Real Madrid to his brand

7. *Zidane, Marcelo, Benzema and Ramos:* it’s true that Ronaldo won’t have Pepe and Coentrao in Real this season. But I know he has gotten used to their absence this season. But how can Ronaldo cope without Marcelo. The Brazilian is Ronaldo’s favorite accomplice. His forays forward creates space for Ronaldo which enables him enter the box and cause havoc. Then there is Benzema. Who plays as if he was made to play for Ronaldo. Leave Real and see if you will get a selfless striker like Karim. Sergio Ramos is another personality Ronaldo admires so much. When we won the Decima, Ramos made a statement which made Ronaldo to love him so much, he said ” God Bless Cristiano Ronaldo, and the womb that bore him”. Also Zidane has become more than a coach to Ronaldo, he has become his career advisor. Ronaldo reveres Zidane so much. So far Zidane is the only coach to have successfully convinced the Portuguese to rest in some less important games. Ronaldo is known to have praised Zidane’s management of him so far far and he plans to work for a long time with.

.     Guys Cristiano has never said he wants to quit Real, the guys are selling their newspapers. Give it some few days and this will all blow out. This article is to get you guys to relax and know that out star man is gonna stay. Thanks for reading


Ce sont les meilleures équipes

Es sind die allerbesten Mannschaften
The main event

Die Meister
Die Besten
Les grandes équipes
The champions

Une grande réunion
Eine grosse sportliche Veranstaltung
The main event

Die Meister
Die Besten
Les grandes équipes
The champions

Ils sont les meilleurs
Sie sind die Besten
These are the champions

Die Meister
Die Besten
Les grandes équipes
The champions

Workout: The Sweet Pain

When you start a workout session​ or a new physical activity, you do it for three reasons-  1. Your fitness, 2. Your strength, 3. Your confidence. We see a vision of a new powerful and swifter us. We go to gymnasium or any other field of activity in which we want. We start with confidence and excitement because we’re doing ​something new and motivating. At the very first day, we bang that workout session with our adrenaline and power. But what happens after we finish ? Our muscles tear down and body starts to hurt. The pain is unbearable and we can’t even do anything about it. We don’t want to stop our workout but our body tells us not to do it. We often think that we’ve hurted ourselves by overdoing or doing it with the wrong technique. Well in truth, this pain is good. This hurting in a span of 2-3 days are called DMS (Delayed Muscle Soreness) which makes our muscle more stronger. We feel the pain because some microscopic holes in our muscles are made by increase the amount of intensity of our physical activity which helps us endure more intensity and amount of work in the coming days. In one sentence, THE PAIN IS A SWEET PAIN. We can’t treat DMS fully but we can decrease their intensity of Soreness by warming down out and doing various streches of the part affected.

No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown

DMS: The Sit-ups

Any time you try a new exercise that your body is not adjusted to, you can expect some muscle soreness. After your workout, pain may be triggered by certain movements or by bodily functions such as sneezing or coughing. Most of these pains are common and short-lived, but some may be symptoms of a larger problem. Learn ways to avoid soreness and which symptoms signal a need for medical attention.


Delayed Muscle Soreness, or DMS is the pain you experience in your muscles after an intense workout. This soreness is not a sign of being “out of shape,” but an indicator that you have increased the intensity of your exercise routine, lengthened the time you spent working out or performed movements that are unfamiliar to you. Usually, pain sets in the day after your workout and starts to diminish within three days. You will notice pain when you use the same muscles that were overused during exercise. So, contracting your abdominal muscles while coughing might cause you pain after sit-ups if that exercise is new to you, or if your body is not accustomed to doing the regular sit-ups that made you sore.


Slightly more serious than DMS is a muscle strain resulting from abdominal muscles being stretched or torn from vigorous movements such as sit-ups. They are classified as first, second or third degree strains, with third involving complete muscle tear; the more severe a strain, the greater the medical risks. Third degree strains in abdominal muscles may allow intestinal tissue to protrude through, causing a hernia. Athletic training, including sit-ups, is a likely culprit for abdominal strains if you are overweight or out of shape. Such a strain would result in pain when you cough, sneeze or otherwise use your abs.


Several treatments may provide temporary relief from pain, but will not shorten the duration of delayed muscle soreness. Stretching may help to alleviate some discomfort from your abdominal muscles. Lie on your stomach and lift your upper body while tightening your bottom. Hold this stretch for 20 to 30 seconds. Lie on your back and let your bent right leg drop across your body while you twist your upper torso to the right. Hold this for 15 to 30 seconds and switch to the left. For minor strains, apply ice for 20 minutes several times throughout the day. If your strain seems more severe or you suspect hernia, seek medical attention, as surgery may be required for full recovery. Press a pillow on your abdominal wall when you feel the need to cough and avoid twisting, jarring movements until you have healed.


Fortunately, delayed muscle soreness should not be a problem once your body has adapted to doing the regular sit-ups. To avoid unnecessary pain, increase your workout duration and intensity gradually, allowing your body to catch up with the additional stress of new or more demanding movements. Even with strains, your doctor will likely encourage you to continue exercising, using pain as your gauge to decide how much your body can handle

Fun: We are young- feat. Janelle Monae

This is one of my all-time favourite songs not only due to the lovely voice and overall music of the band but also due to the fact that it was the main story song of the rivalry between The Rock and John Cena at WrestleMania 28. The song goes like this all credit to the band

Give me a second I,

 I need to get my story straight

 My friends are in the bathroom

 Getting higher than the Empire State

 My lover she’s waiting for me

 Just across the bar

 My seat’s been taken by some sunglasses

 Asking about a scar and…
I know I gave it to you months ago

 I know you’re trying to forget

 But between the drinks and suddle things

 The holes in my apologies

 You know, I’m trying hard to take it back
So if by the time the bar closes

 And you feel like falling down

 I’ll carry you ho-o-ome

 We are young;

 So let’s set the world on fire,

 we can burn brighter,

 Than the sun


 We are young

 So let’s set the world on fire

 We can burn brighter,

 Than the sun

 Now I know that I’m not

 All that you got

 I guess that I

 I just thought maybe we could find new ways to fall apart

 But our friends are back

 So let’s raise a cup

 Cause I found someone to carry me home

 We are young

 So let’s the set the world on fire

 We can burn brighter

 Than the sun

 We are young

 So let’s set the world on fire

 We can burn brighter

 Than the sun
Carry me home tonight

 Just carry me home tonight

 Carry me home tonight

 Just carry me home tonight
The world is on my side (nanananannanana)

 I have no reason to run (anananananananan(

 So will someone come and carry me home tonight (nananananana)

 The angels never arrived( nananananananan)

 But I can hear the choir (nanannananananan)

 So will someone come and carry me home (anananana)