The winters- A fun and lazy way to hate summers

So guys it’s winter just knocking on the door and it’s just that excited to escort us to the days of fun and excitement ahead. So there are many points and reasons to hate as well as love winter. Well I, myself, am a winter lover so I’m just going for the reasons to Love the season which is adorably called ‘the kiss before Christmas’.
  1. The clothes-Β well we all love apparels don’t we ? But we don’t love is the anathematized stuff of changing clothes the second after we reach home from the outside world (that’s heating and burning us down all over). Winters lets us wear out clothes for a far much longer time than summers do. So you can wear your favorites top to show off from morning to the day
  2. The sweat– well this point is very much contemporary to the first one but with some hate for the dirty sticky excretion of salt and water from our body. Sweating is good for your health but the sweating that summers offer to us is the one which can be comprehensively recurring and muggy all together. Sweating profusely by the sun is very irritating and I speak from experience πŸ˜‚
  3. The food- aren’t almost all of us are foodie ? Well certainly I am. So speaking from the foodies P.O view I can proudly say that ‘ I love winters !!’. Because winters offer a larger variety of foods (vegetables or others) rather than summer. And plus, eating a stale food doesn’t everytime gives you a rumbly tummy in the cold weather.
  4. The diseases-Β have you ever seen the newspapers brim with the news of people getting a meningitis or dengue in winters more than the summers ? That’s because of the layman’s fact that the insects can’t reproduce when the temperature and falls and hibernates. The meningitis is caused by the oppressive heating of our Brain (obviously that by burning sun), so the chances are more in summers. Sure you can still get a stomach infection, headache or cold fever due to winter’s cold
In my opinion, winters are better and sweeter than the oppressive and inexorable summers What are your opinions about winters and the reasons to hate/love it. Make sure to comment your views. It’ll be very Glorious of you.
Namaste πŸ™πŸ™

Edinson Cavani speaks out after the front three of PSG scores

Edinson Cavani feels it can get even better for PSG and their three attacking stars, despite a remarkable start to the season.

Edinson Cavani believes there is more to come from himself, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, even as PSG’s expensively assembled trio dominate in Ligue 1.

New signing Mbappe made a goalscoring debut, Cavani scored twice and Neymar also found the back of the net in PSG’s 5-1 rout of 10-man Metz on Friday.

It was the first time Cavani, €222million recruit Neymar β€“ who has scored four goals since his arrival from Barcelona – and Mbappe lined up together, helping PSG extend their winning start to the Ligue 1 season to five matches for the first time in their history.

And Cavani – with seven goals in five league matches so far – feels it can get even better for PSG and their three attacking stars.

“I think we played well this evening. We were good in every area of the pitch,” Cavani told Canal

“Of course it’s difficult with 10 against 11, but we deserve the win because we played well. I feel good, despite the trip to play for my country. I always want to play if I can and the coach chose to pick me this evening, which is good for me.

“I always give my best, it’s positive for everyone, and we feel good on the pitch.

“Mbappe and Neymar are great players. We have a good understanding. I hope we’ll continue to improve.

The meal feeling

The perfect taste of a delectable dish comes when you’ve worked hard enough to get it to your mouth. The feeling can’t be expressed, it can just be tasted right away. 

The time when you’ve done a hard leg day (legs workout) and abs and what you find, your favourite KFC meal on your table, trust me is one of the tastiest feeling you’ll ever experience in your human life 

We are waiting, aren’t we ?

Just a thought ran through my mind when I was taking bath after playing soccer, that most of the human generation is waiting for anything. The right moment, the right action, the right ‘anything’ !

As we go through the daily life, we will somehow, somewhere realise that even though we’re doing our appointed work, we’re waiting for the right moment to make the biggest move or I should say, take the risk that will either destroy or construct our vary future

This thing isn’t anything to be focused or concerned about, but that’s a fact of the human that I’ve just realised and stating it.

We know we have to wait because You can’t rush something which you want to last forever.

The PAST !! #ThoughtOfTheDay

Man leave the past in the past. That’s where it belongs. The trouble with addicts is that they carry bad memories around with them – like old luggage. And in that luggage that’s where they carry their blueprint for living. You got to decide what’s worth keeping, and then set the rest of it on the curb for the garbage.

The past is important because it builds the foundation where future blossoms. But we can’t stick to a seed as it is essential to grow the former in a plant. We should, must and have to focus on the present. Why ? Because that’s what in our manipulative control. As it’s written in Bhagwad Gita “you have the right to work only. But you are not entitled to the fruits of action”

My top 5 movies (those who made me where I am right now)

Movies are one of the easiest and effective way to understand something that can’t be easily understood by reading or other things. Some movies are awful where we think that we just watched a piece of crap for 3 hrs but some movies leave a piece of them in our heart that always remains there and makes us to be more like the movie. So friends I am Abhinnshyam presenting to you the 5 movies that made me come out of depression and make me a person which I am right now (well I’m really unique)


     5. Fast and furious 7 – family, cars, action, dialogues, emotions, if you’re a man with taste buds like these you definitely have checked out the fast 7, if didn’t, what are you waiting for ? It has got a great blend of the young generation with the good old family and emotional thinking of the olden gen. It’s best scene by far is the ending where O’Connor says “it’s never goodbye” and the best song of 2015 ‘see you again’ starts playing. It has what it’s likely to be the greatest tribute of an actor who died between a film and turned it into a scene which didn’t effected the story of the film.

    4. Thor – “I am Thor, Son of Odin” as well as this freakin awesome dialogue is concerned, this movie has one of the best if not the best mythological action in the movies. I wonder how well marvel turned this magical thing into a scientific phenomena (as shown in Avengers). As well as this movie is somehow based on my life (my father- Odin, my brother- thor and me- Loki) but obviously I never did and never will conspire on my brother. This movie seriously deserves on the list

       3. Zindagi Na milegi dobara – this movie, in my opinion and in many, really tells us how to life the life and just breathe (remember Hrithik Roshan said). This movie has captured nearly all aspects of life and problems a human can have. It has a millionaire (Hrithik), a going to be husband (Abhay Deol) and an artist (Farhan Akhtar) as best if friends, nearly brother and shows that how they help each other to come out of their respective depressions and live the today life, all just being together in a bachelor party. So ZNMD, YOU JUST MADE THE LIST !!

      2. Avengers – this film is by far the best film of superheroes combined together as Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) said ‘to use their wit, power and mentality in a blend to fight the war which we human can never do” . This movie has all – drama, emotions, comedy, attitude and my favourite, WAR !! I’ve watched this movie over 20 times and I swear my everything I can watch it for my life. As Tony said “we’ll die” and cap America replied “so we’ll die together”

     1. Iron Man – “genius, billionaire, Playboy, philanthropist” , ” yes ! I can fly”, “you know who I am” and many more dialogues which made this film an absolute PHENOMENAL Carnage. Not only dialogues it also has a story which can make a depressed and broken man into a confident, creative and sarcastic human. It has my favourite actor as the lead role i.e Robert Downey Jr. This film is the most important film in my life because it lifted me and turned me into a small revolutionary when I was down and out. The movie shows that you don’t need supernatural powers to be a superhero (even though it has some over the limit SciFi). It has the best dialogue that you can put into run in your life

Just read this and understand ” You can take away my house, all my tricks and toys, but one thing you can’t take away – I am Iron Man.”

Islam: by far not the greatest

I know I never was a racist in religious matters as I respected and studied all religions but a few days before I encountered a scene where I came to know that Islam, is by far not the greatest if not the worst religion in the world. I know tons of you will disagree with me saying that you don’t know the true meaning of Islam and I’ll reply terrorism then you’ll say Islam don’t teach terrorism. Here I say that human made religion not religion made human. So it’s the people itself who take a religion to glory or burn it down to ashes that it can never be reborn

Some Muslims clearly say that there race is better than any race in the world and if anybody conduct Islam, he shall be taken on the right path. The reply to this is- WOULD YOU PLEASE SHUT THE HELLLL UP !! I’m not asking you to like all religions but you sure have no right to say that you’re religion beats them all and it’s the only right path. 

I know the consequences of this blog would be hard and ruthless but we know what the situation really is. I know Quran’s ‘jihaad’ is different than the jihaad they do but that doesn’t mean they realise it. They eat so much of non veg that their mind heats up.and they can’t think anything but destructivity. 

I myself support Islam but sometimes these things overcome my thinking of measuring all the people of all religions equally. So that’s why I’m saying Islam maybe the second largest religion in the world but it is far far away from being the best. 

Apologies to all Muslims πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™