The FEAR #thoughtoftheday

Fear has two meanings –

Face Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise


Actions or Intentions ? (A question for all ?)

Yesterday, I read a book referring to the conversation between Ishwar Chand Vidyasagar and Sri Ramakrishna paramhans where Vidyasagar questioned the sage about the existence of the thing called god with a opinion to deny it’s existence. In the same book but the other chapter, Swami Vivekananda (the disciple of Ramkrishna) said that if people get killed while going to holy places, they are killed for a purpose and intention which can only be understood by God. I say that Swami Vivekananda should answer a not-so complex answer which he really did in the book

He said Changez Khan acted sin but his intentions were good like lord Krishna. 

Sometimes we do things with “niyyat” (the purity of intentions) but the actions done for fulfilling these intentions goes wrong. So does that make us a villain or visionary ?

I just wanna know your thoughts about this. Which is more important. Our actions or our intentions behind the actions ? If you say equally then I think you got it wrong because humans does not and never will possess equal everything

Sometimes, Numbers ‘Do’ Lie !!

We always say that ‘numbers don’t lie’ and almost everytime, it’s true. Like Messi and Ronaldo, Messi is a playmaker but we say Ronaldo’s numbers can’t be ignored. We say what’s a better brand Apple or Android. Android is a GOAT but Apple’s numbers don’t lie and etc, etc.

But sometimes, it doesn’t be the case. When a boy who’s good at sports, arts, some other activities but don’t get a higher percentage of marks in exams, he’s said to be inferior than a boy who spends or in my opinion ‘wastes’ most of the time in coaching, tutions and school to get a good mark at the end of the session. That’s the type of story done in my country India.

This happening around me really seems to somehow confuse me that how can a piece of paper with only a specific type of questions written on it can judge a capability of a student. Sometimes, we should look out of the box and observe the person who are out of the blues. Because sooner or later, we’ll notice them when they make a statement. 

The numbers are just a remark of a student’s practice in a ‘particular’ subject. The remarks can’t tell his inner potential. Bill gates was a dropout in the high school, look where he’s now. It was his passion and will to go forward and do what he loves

I’m not saying that school and these academics are wrong but I’m saying that this system is wrong and this system don’t have any freakin right to tell who deserves to be in this marathon of the world and who doesn’t

What is fear: a thing to be respected and endured with

Fear is defined as “an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger,pain or harm” by Google. The fear of death is the most significant of all. We fear for anything that we think we can’t overcome or even touch, but the fear makes that unconquerable thing a disaster for those things conquerable

Frank Herbert said-

“I must not fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.

Only I will remain”

That’s the purest form of poem I’ve heard I’m recent time. One must not fear from anything and I mean anything, not even the death. Fear is a mind killer he said, well said because if a person has a 0.1% of fear in her/him, his one half of the mind will be tested in curbing that fear. I know I fear a many things (like death, apart from family, etc.) But that doesn’t stop my mind to think and to innovate. I’m not saying that underestimate fear, respect him but don’t let him conquer you