The opposite of Love is not hatred….. it’s apathy !

– Anandamayi (secret of the nagas)



A few months ago when I started this website, It was only about some thoughts and inspirations in my mind to be written for the world to see and share their opinions about. I never knew that I can have even 50+ followers on the website. It is never about gaining likes and followers but when your work of art is appreciated and insighted all around the world. So today friends It’s a big day because I’ll run out of words to describe how freakin’ AWESOME I’m feeling

I’ve hit a century. Yes !! I GAINED A 💯 FOLLOWERS

I would like to thank all of you the people who were there seeing my blogs, the people who nominated the newbie in various blog awards in his first year and the people who thought that it made sense to follow this website. I can now proudly and more powerfully believe on my website’s tagline ‘small changes does matter’. I have no words to thank you all, I hope I deserve it and at last, I just wanna say one thing

Started from the bottom, now we’re here !

The one lovely blog award

Hello guys it’s Abhinnshyam and I’m very much delighted to announce I’ve been nominated for my third blog award, the ‘One lovely blog award’ by my dear blogging friend Nishtha Shukla. Thank you so much dear.

I hope I deserve

Rules :

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7 facts about me :

  • I’m a sportsman and a sports fanatic
  • I love WWE and football
  • I’ve some egoism in me
  • I’ve a great presence of mind
  • I’m a fan of Harry Potter
  • I’m a experienced musician
  • I love doing all things ‘technology’

Here are my nominations :

I hope I deserve it. Bye bye


“The greatest thing Harry Potter has given the world, is the freedom to use our imagination” – Oprah Winfrey.
Whether it’s flying on a broom, protecting your friends from the DARK LORD or delivering a high class fiction action, The Harry Potter series never seemed to disappoint. It’s one of those fewer films that has it’s every part equally better (if not better) than the previous and the only film that can be loved by the younger generation as well as the old ones. It’s just one of the greatest of all time
From all the fun, suspense and adventure we get, it’s quite noticeable that Harry Potter delivered many messages whether it’s of the value of friendship or choosing the right path, we do get some sort of inspiration from any of the 7 parts
Harry Potter isn’t famous only in the UK but is famous all around the globe. We should give every possible credit to the prolific writesmith J.K Rowling who, in my opinion, is an Exceptional fiction writer.
How much famous it is ? how money it made ? doesn’t matter. What matters the most is that what the 8 films series left for us. It left an emotion in the heart of every child who watched it in his 10s (like me), to have goosebumps whenever he/she sees. For many people who watched the film, it’s a milestone to teach them to go beyond the thinking they have in default and do something PHENOMENAL
In my opinion Harry Potter is the greatest fiction story and film written yet

Happiness : the real meaning

The day when you realise that life isn’t about proving somebody wrong, it’s about getting together and making it right. Never to blame anybody and never to get away from a fight is what leads to a real “life”. The people you know and the people you like, to make them happy and to share their moments of both happiness and misery, makes one’s life truly immortalized. 

As vision in the Avengers said “something isn’t beautiful because it lasts forever”. The Ultron wanted to tell the humans the immortalization is not what someone really needs to remain in the hearts of his known ones. 

Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you

The biggest question for Real Madrid ? THE FORWARDS

There is only one man (I should say boy) in the discussion here. Yep, you guessed it right. It’s Kylian Mbappé

The very young French lad, who’s been hot since his glorious performance in the UEFA champions league last season is the name on everyone’s lips at the moment and nothing would please Pérez more than to land the latest brightest young star in the footballing galaxy. Benzema is the certain number one at the moment — it says something that his former back-ups, Gonzalo Higuaín and Álvaro Morata, are now two of the most expensive strikers of all time.

Morata’s departure certainly leaves a hole but Ronaldo and Bale can both operate in more traditional striking roles, if required. However, Mbappé’s elite goalscoring instincts and creativity would add a whole other dimension to the Madrid attack. Over to you, Florentino.

Business remaining:
The excellent business conducted on Morata means that Madrid now definitely have the funds to sign Mbappé and stay within the bounds of Financial Fair Play. The Galacticos are reportedly agreed a fee of €145 million for the Monaco’s golden boy. Let’s wait and see where he’ll land after the opening of the transfer window

They will do everything they can to tempt the young Frenchman to the Bernabéu but in the event that they are unsuccessful, Madrid will still probably have to sign another striker to cover for Benzema

Be like NO ONE (deep thoughts)

I might have some unethical style of writing blogs, some misconceptions of grammar and words, swearing and condemning the people and some customs of the society. 

Look at a tree, selfless service provider, standing tall with pride yet so generous as it showers the sweet and juicy fruits upon us. Be like a Tree

Look at Thor, the mythological god of thunder, so Pride, honorable, fearless, a warrior and the defender of Asgard who didn’t accepted the throne because he thought he didn’t deserve it. Be like Thor

Look at Eden Hazard, the Belgian international Soccer star, hardworking, dedicated, one of the best in the world, a great player and a more great human in life. Be like Hazard

Look at your father, fighting hard, motivational, can do anything for your happiness, loves you no matter how good or bad you are. Be like your father

Look at Dwayne Johnson, WWE legend, great actor, sick speaking skills, badass attitude, a brand more than a human, beast gymer yet so generous and kind. Be like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

We should get inspired from them, not try to be a ditto copy of them (if we can’t do it) because we’ll never be like anyone. That’s why I say

“No one” is like you, be like NO ONE