The “mortals” of MELUHA

Whether a man is a legend or not is decided by history, not fortune tellers.”
– Amish ( writer of Shiva triology)
The gods and the legends (as I said in my earlier blog- Gods and legends) are some of the most important and biggest aspirations of the human transpience. It doesn’t matter whether one’s a mythical god-type creature or just a homo sapien made up of flesh and bone because only the latter creates the former. And this vary crucnch was proved and written in a PHENOMENAL mytho-historically in the ‘SHIVA TRIOLOGY’.
The whole plot of the book was to prove that our actions are the only things what make us a mere sheep or an icon to the world The story was built such a way that even if you’re a Hindu and worship lord ram and others as a god, you’ll never seem to notice that how your perception for them from “mythical characters” to “karma-made phenomenon”.
The story thesaurus is that there are both, devil and god in your deep inner potential. The thing to heed is what do you choose to flaunt over other because there’s no way that either of them can be perished completely.

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