15 years (Birthday special)

So today is the day when I say bye bye to my 14’s and begin a new journey in my 15th year of life. Not so old, not so experienced but these last 2 years had been one hell of a changeover for my personality. I really can’t explain how was it done, I can just say that it was aj extra force to motivate me for being the person I am at the moment. Well I am not a millionaire or a famous person, but I’m one of the greatest all arounder ever born around (not trying to be too cocky though 😂). But sometimes that doesn’t seem to be enough though. A very disappointing day going on right now but I think it’ll change as the sun sets.
It’s been quite a good ride with shades of love, hate, fight, ego, motivation, creativity, sportsmanship, etc. Well I’m just 15 so I don’t have that much to say about my “whole” life (which is quite small yet), but at this early age I’ve been through a lot. The happiness, the pain, the glory, the agony, the insult and what not ?
On this day, I solemnly swear that I’m upto no good, just kidding, I solemnly swear to be better and better every single year, every single day, every single second. I swear to be a better blogger, better swimmer, better guitarist, better sportsman and most importantly, a better person

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