“The greatest thing Harry Potter has given the world, is the freedom to use our imagination” – Oprah Winfrey.
Whether it’s flying on a broom, protecting your friends from the DARK LORD or delivering a high class fiction action, The Harry Potter series never seemed to disappoint. It’s one of those fewer films that has it’s every part equally better (if not better) than the previous and the only film that can be loved by the younger generation as well as the old ones. It’s just one of the greatest of all time
From all the fun, suspense and adventure we get, it’s quite noticeable that Harry Potter delivered many messages whether it’s of the value of friendship or choosing the right path, we do get some sort of inspiration from any of the 7 parts
Harry Potter isn’t famous only in the UK but is famous all around the globe. We should give every possible credit to the prolific writesmith J.K Rowling who, in my opinion, is an Exceptional fiction writer.
How much famous it is ? how money it made ? doesn’t matter. What matters the most is that what the 8 films series left for us. It left an emotion in the heart of every child who watched it in his 10s (like me), to have goosebumps whenever he/she sees. For many people who watched the film, it’s a milestone to teach them to go beyond the thinking they have in default and do something PHENOMENAL
In my opinion Harry Potter is the greatest fiction story and film written yet



  1. I agree in that what makes a good film (or any story in general) is not how successful it it monetarily, but how it impacts us emotionally. It’s amazing how successful the Harry Potter films/books have been in sales, but what sticks with people is their personal experience with Harry and the other characters.

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