When a day goes bad

Everyday we wake up thinking of doing all the tasks we’ve set for today and finish the day with a satisfying overview but sometimes the things don’t go as expected. So we let some dejection and vexation building in our mind and body. 

TodayI’ve just been through a day of the same kind with all the problems a 15 year boy, that includes picking up a fight with family members, losing in the soccer game and even getting so high tempered. I didn’t know or don’t know what to do to control this JUDAS in my mind (trusting or loving nobody the I used to) and melancholy that’s running. Now that the day is ended and it’s the time for self perusal, I can’t, even now, think of a way to get this crap out of my mind. I’ve been trying to be creative by making some edits, playing some music on my guitar and skilling past the opponent’s defender. Although, all these things have came out quite well for me, I still can’t have a way out.

But guess what, at midnight, even bad days come to an end. It’s just a bad day, not a bed life

I think the best way to leave the day’s shoddy memories, and to accept that IT JUST WASN’T YOUR DAY 


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