There’s no ‘someday’

“We shall overcome, we shall overcome someday. Deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall overcome someday.” I’m sure many of you remember this inspirational childhood song that still inspire us to never give and to always have a light of hope lit in our hearts. Indeed, hope is the only word which is a novel to the existence of this planet. Hope is something that’s one of the most important, if not the most important thing a human must possess when it comes to surviving the day to day darkness and awkwardness around.

But let’s just get a reality check, there’s no surety for the days ahead. Nobody in the world knows what will happen tomorrow so it’s better to do the things we want today itself. That’s where I get a doubt on this song as it says we’ll have peace around “someday”. How do we know that we’re gonna live till that day ? So that’s where some confusion goes around our mind. But let’s be honest, we can’t get what we want at the same we do. We have to wait, whether it’s out of our own choice or the situation’s. The “someday” which the song mentions here comes into play in only some points of our life where we don’t control the things alone ; and our thoughts, actions, motives don’t get included in it


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