Equality among equals

Whenever we say that our life isn’t happening good, someone says “you’re lucky just look at the people below you like your maid or driver”. At some point, it’s true what they say but after some points it affects our thinking and our mindset just get stuck to the level of them only. Then, we can’t think of something big. To broaden our thinking, we should never compare our lives to others because every single bit of a human’s body and mind is as different from the other as clouds from the earth.

In civics too, it is written to have equality, but among equals as you can’t compare a king to a peasant as that would be hypothetical and a disrespect to both the bodies. 

We’re, from our birth, are taught to show the moral standards the world accepts and, after that, allows us to continue our life not being discarded. However, we can only learn these teachings when we live between people of our own standards and thinking. Because 

Virtue can only four among equals.


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