Yo! Ahh

Gonna make this clear

Let’s go

F.totti F.Torres 

With manager ancelotti

It’s the game of the joy

It’s a game that’s naughty

Rooney make great life steps

The crowd goes Loud when Lm10 sidesteps

Its fun when the refs dispute

Hey go check Nike they have new Mercurial boots

Let’s talk about CR

Coz he makes it so easy 

Heel chopping the defenders 

He makes em’ look crazy

(That’s the beat) yeah that’s the beat

Eden hazard has the ball like he has a magnet

We all know that he’ll reach the back of the net

What the f*** is Swedish style

What the f*** is Paris style

Step back GKS coz this is ibra style

Let me clear it(emergency word)

We believe in the bests

Lewandowski,neymar,hulk and all of the rest

 we fight each other but we all are one

You think that this the ending but the game has just begun

You need a clearness in the head

A special type of enthu when batteries even dead

To play the game of heart you don’t have to pay

What I talk about football,there’s lot more to say 


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