BAHUBALI​ – The rocket !!

ISRO lifts India into the elite group capable of putting heavier satellites into a precise orbit.

ISRO successfully launched GSLV MARK III, doubling India’s current launch capacity! The launch of the 640 tonne mammoth rocket happened at 5:28 pm IST on June 5 1997 at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, with the rocket lifting a high-throughput communications satellite as its first payload.
The satellite was released into its transfer orbit about 16 minutes after lift-off. Now under the control of the agency’s Master Control Facility in the Hussan city in Karnataka.
Over the next few days, the satellite will be nudging itself from the transfer orbit into its geosynchronous slot, during which time its solar panels and antenna reflectors will be deployed
As it cruised into space, ISRO’s ‘Bahubali rocket’ – GSLV MARK III and which weights as much as 200 fully grown elephants took its own “selfies” and sent them back after succesful launch!
The rocket being equipped with indegeneously developed Cryogenic stage and electronic propulsion systems is capable of transporting humans paving way for next chandrayaan and Mangalyaan missions to carry astronauts


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