Sometimes, Numbers ‘Do’ Lie !!

We always say that ‘numbers don’t lie’ and almost everytime, it’s true. Like Messi and Ronaldo, Messi is a playmaker but we say Ronaldo’s numbers can’t be ignored. We say what’s a better brand Apple or Android. Android is a GOAT but Apple’s numbers don’t lie and etc, etc.

But sometimes, it doesn’t be the case. When a boy who’s good at sports, arts, some other activities but don’t get a higher percentage of marks in exams, he’s said to be inferior than a boy who spends or in my opinion ‘wastes’ most of the time in coaching, tutions and school to get a good mark at the end of the session. That’s the type of story done in my country India.

This happening around me really seems to somehow confuse me that how can a piece of paper with only a specific type of questions written on it can judge a capability of a student. Sometimes, we should look out of the box and observe the person who are out of the blues. Because sooner or later, we’ll notice them when they make a statement. 

The numbers are just a remark of a student’s practice in a ‘particular’ subject. The remarks can’t tell his inner potential. Bill gates was a dropout in the high school, look where he’s now. It was his passion and will to go forward and do what he loves

I’m not saying that school and these academics are wrong but I’m saying that this system is wrong and this system don’t have any freakin right to tell who deserves to be in this marathon of the world and who doesn’t


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