Motivational speech, Improved micwork: A support to those who are living it up

In recent days I’ve noticed that I’ve improved in my way of talking. I mean like I have many examples and quotes for a thing that’s to be said or made clear. It’s just like if someone who’s studied his year out of an awful lot of coachings, tutions and had attended the regular classes of the so called “light house of the society”- The School. And then also gets a marks which I can gain from not doing any above mentioned things. I suddenly have an example of the world’s most expensive player Paul Pogba who plays on Manchester United. The fans say “yeah he’s playing good” but that’s not what he’s bought for. If they ever wanted anything like he’s doing, they would’ve signed an underrated player withore quality. 

I always try to convince someone by some badass dialogues or some inspirational quotes. Like I have one motto in life ‘No expectations, no commitments. Just live the life the way it comes’. I’ve involved some one liners or catchphrases which I use in day to day activities. Anyone can do it by simply practicing it or just noticing that are they saying it right and on the right time. And one day when you’ll make a promo anywhere, the listener will say “wow ! Man, do you got a pen? Because I’m about to write this down”. I’m not saying that I’m perfect, but I’m happy and I’ve earned it. For every shark who tried to pulled me down and left me drown. I’m stronger than ever and I’m holding my crown. Ask the haters that Who’s laughing now ? 

Remember  “The best way to get burn your enemy down is to be happy”


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