The best there is: rap by Abhinnshyam

Fast? Son, that ain’t fast—

I’m rising faster than the price of gas

I’m the best in the present,future and the past

If ya don’t like me you can kiss the people’s @ss 

My mama said that we’ve a fault in our generation

But they don’t know that we’re boys of domination

Lucknow wites in the building 

We will blow off the roof 

We All are the best there’s no reason to prove 

Am the fire

Am the colt

It’s the right of mine to quote

The people think it’s just a rap

And there’s no meaning at all

But they don’t know the reality

That the world is gonna fall

With break out brawls

Breaking of the walls

Recession employment crisis

All the people now believe

That this boy do a close call

Mother****** ! It’s a rap

Not just a poem by an app

Aah! Mother****** it’s a rap

Am the best from the rest 

You don’t have to take a test 


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