THE GREAT ONE: (Rap from a fan)


The great one’s here and the crowd goes loud

He makes it money and he makes all of us proud 

He fight with all odds his nature is eccentric 

When his music hits the environment gets electric

You’ll think now,now that I’m gonna tell you

You think what the heck,I want you to just guess who?

Now Hindi….

The excitement’s pumping up and the watches say tick Tock

Let me tell who he is he’s the bull he’s THE ROCK

Now just shut your bronnie Beadin

Pie eating trail blazing eyebrow raising

Always the best  in the future present past

Always get ready to put up some gas 

If ya don’t like the rock you can kiss The people’s @$$

The rock says

Woh hai sirf ek mic worker that’s what you always tell

But just shove it up your @$$ and the rock wil just check you up right at the smackdown hotel

Finally the rock is back at WWE for rocking the ring and filling up pumping gases

24/7 Electrifying sob and giving boots 2 @$$e$

The rock’s sig line is that for what you lookin’

Let me tell ya 



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