10 things to become a FIFA GOD

FIFA games have developed a exceptional significance in the gaming world and is widely renounced for their originality and user’s interface. Some of the casual fans play it as a ‘game’ only and some of the as I like to say ‘Hardcore’ fans like me want to be the best there is around them in FIFA games. So if you’re one from the second group of fans and want to be a ‘FIFA GOD’ in your own rights, you’re at the right place my friend. Here are the PERFECT 10 ! things that will add to your improving Godness in FIFA

  1. ​Find your formation which works best for you
  2. Learn to defend
  3. Learn from your mistakes
  4. Practice, practice and practice
  5. Hardwork combined with smart work
  6. Learn the basics and effective skill moves
  7. Learn to place the right player despite of its overall 
  8. Give youth a chance.
  9. Learn to build up play
  10. Get the best suited camera and controller settings for you

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