Yo ! We all struggle in our lives 

But the things by which we struggle
Those things are what makes us great

(Verse 1-:)
We all have to struggle to Go through the life
To go through this thing we’ve to swim,run and dive
But we have to live this f******* piece of crap
This ain’t only a verse this is a truer rap
We easily do give up we’ve to just tap tap tap
But we have all the things required
When I wake,sleep,eat I can also hear the Choir
This thing’s ain’t about me this thing’s ain’t about you
This is not a crap this is purified true
You have to pay the taxes you have to pay the due
We’re getting fucking sick by raising price of fuel
We have to change our dress we have to complete our files
You’re gettin’ tire so early it’s a distance of thousand miles

(Verse 2-:)
This story was started when I’ve gone my park
Where all the locals live by their local dogs bark
But this isn’t in the park only
This thing spreaded in places
You don’t have to work hard you don’t have to tie laces
Where the police officers mad
The traffic officers bribe
A father commit suicide with his sons and his wife
They say this place’s sweet,place’s sweet as hell
Where we have to minimize ourselves we have to do our yells
The worst thing’s unemployment which raise our population
We are populated than a small country stated by united nations
No problem if you’re unemployed
You just have to pass your time
By screaming,abusing,smoking weed or by committing real crime
You can scream at anybody except for yourself
We only have some fun time books in our homemade shelf
You don’t have to study for just gettin you right

Just don’t do politics,mocking excetctra and find a reason to fight


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