When destiny leads you to your love: real incident

It was the month of July in the year 2016 when I left swimming after representing my city at inter state level for the first time in which I came third. It was a good experience rather than a disappointing season. I thought to take some time off from it and spend it in doing other stuffs of my life(example. Guitar, editing, attitude, technology,etc.)

Justafter ending my swimming season I went on to play various games at various times for example football in rain, badminton in winters and volleyball in falls. I was so busy and was having so much fun in doing what I was doing that I almost forgot who I am in REAL. And than the weeks began to turn the tides. All things were going on for me like they were bounding me to start thinking what’s my origin, who the hell I am in real and what can I do best. Then it was the day​, we were just sitting in our house not knowing what to do after a day before, Papa announced the end of the season 2016-17 in the park. 

The fate was compelling me to go my HOME I.e. water. Papa grabbed his bike and rode me to the good ol’ swimming pool of Colvin taluqdars college. I arrived there and I was like I arrived home. 

My people treated me as I was a legend,. Indeed I was, I realised “yeah ! This is what I’m made for” “Damn ! It’s great to be back”. I started swimming after taking my kit from the pool and shower my body. When I touched the water, it was like I was in my mother’s lap and she’s loving me. It was like my first love caressing me and kissing me all over my body. It felt really like I WAS HOME !!

At the very first day I swam almost 5000m without getting tired I mean who’ll be tired to love his lover. And then I realised swimming wasn’t made for me, I was made for swimming


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