The Rain: #TasteTheFeeling

It was the start of summer and the temperature began to heat up by every single day. The people were suffering from the wrath of the sun god and were requesting to lower the heat or at least flow a slight breeze in the atmosphere. It was 8th of may 2017 evening, we were at the sports ground that’s just some steps away from my house. The place was jam packed with our boys playing and spreading our greatness all over. The breeze or I should a slight air was relieving us from. The oppressive temperature that surrounds. We started the game at around 7:30 pm IST. The weather became more pleasant as the match passed by and after an hour and half the wind began to show it’s power. It was so powerful that the volleyball was spinning around by its force. We finished the game at 9:15 or so and at the same moment the light went off. The city was under the light of darkness. And the moment I reached my house the rain began at a sudden with the strongest of ever possible wind. It lasted for a very long time, the trees were falling and the tin sheds were broken apart of many people who slept under it. At 11 PM, that was the time, after so many years we witnesse the hail falling with rain and air included. 

The feeling was like the all-father, the mighty God showering his grace upon his kids whether good or bad, old or young, girl or boy, black or white, there’s not a single piece of the baddest thing in the world RACISM there. It lasted for a hour or two

After the hail, it was the best breeze blown by god in my consciousness. I wanted to get out with a football in my hand and just play all over. It was like a mother caressing and loving his child with all the love inside her. We didn’t see the feeling, we didn’t hear the feeling, we didn’t even feel it. We just #TasteTheFeeling


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