Emmanuel Macron: All you need to know 

I never had any interest in politics but this man, Emmanuel Jean- Michel Frédéric Macron has inspired or you can say bounded me to write a blog on him because of his unbreakable will power and passion. Macron is so “Napoleon” as he has all the likeness referring to the great French emperor. Napoleon took the throne in 1804 when he was 34 whereas Macron took the throne in 2017 when he is just 39. It’s so likely.

It’s not often you see someone making his own party only a year ago and three years before no even knew his name and last night was crowned the youngest president of one of the most powerful and important country of the world- France by a big margin of votes (66.06% in his favour). 

The leader of his self-made party En Marche! proved all the odds wrong as a scandal ran through France before the election as well as Macron’s election campaign site was hacked. But it didn’t stop the 39 year old from winning and taking the oath to balance the nation’s wretched state of economy. He also promised to fully support the European Union (EU). 

Macron is considered as a middle class person as he was a investment banker and it’s​not long enough when he stepped into the politics as a whole. His wife is 24 years older than him (64 years). They tied their knot in 2007. Their love story began Emmanuel’s​school where she was a teacher and was told about Macron by his daughter Laurens. 

Macron promised make France a even better state than it is right now. His words after being elected as the president can be read but is very long lol so I’m just gonna write down his last words before ending the speech

“Let’s love France. From this evening, and for the next five years, I am going to serve it on your behalf, with humility, devotion and determination.

“Long live the Republic, long live France!


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