The Art of GUITAR

Every single guitarist should play guitar not like a tune but like a gentle and soft touch whether it’s a professional, a co curricular activist or even a free mind player. As guitar is an art, we all know it it’ll increase our mind’s intellect and so do our imagination. We always have to practice it if we want to show the love for it. 

At the very first day after you decide you want to learn, in my opinion, the greatest instrument ever made, you’ll feel a little bit of boredom surrounding you when you’ll learn the notes or the “Sargam” as it is called in hindi. You’ll get a feeling like you’re learning maths, but this study is not at all useless like the studies done in school. The study of music will remain with you throughout your life and will be played into the hearts of the ones that heard you playing after you’ve gone from this world. After you’ve learner the notes and understood, what maybe the most complex as well as the simplest pattern there is in the world, you’ll find a new ‘you’ in yourself. You’ll feel like having your mind grown in size than it was before, you’ll be a free of mind person and your mind will be without any fear. You’ll a calm adrenaline running in your body 

Jimi Hendrix once said “Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you’ll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you’re gonna be rewarded.” That’s the thing which is done once in every single guitarist’s life, even me. I once hated and got bored from playing guitar but I kept on playing it and now guitar is not my hobby, it’s my LIFE

Practice guitar like science, play it like it’s an art

God gave us the art of guitar, we just have to ‘PLAY IT IN MAAAANNNN’ (if you know where it’s taken from.) #PEACE


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