School: the darkhouse of Indian society

Parents always want their children to succeed and to be satisfied. They do every possible thing there is to keep us the way that we want. From the first day when we’re born, they start planning, hardworking and diminishing their present to lighten our future. They want us to be on the top of everything we do and for that reason they get us admitted in the best of school out there. But do they really know that school doesn’t do anything for our future ? Let’s be honest,… They don’t. They think that they’re making the society better by making us join the so called “lighthouse of the society”, but they don’t know the abouts. We children always and should respect and love our parents but that doesn’t mean we have to go wherever they want us. 90% of our parents sayings are true but the 10% I.e. the saying that school is the greatest place and the second home for children, is absolutely bull crap. No offence, but school sucks. 

Just think that the exams which are done almost every month in our school do really tests our knowledge ? The answer is 

HELL NO! They only test our memory and impose an awful lot of pressure on us like if we don’t do well we’ll get punished badly. The real problem is that we accept and let these things overcome our thinking‚Äč. We know we should know how to keep our nerves calm but that doesn’t mean that you can impose the world of pressure on our mind even when we’re 10. It should not be named as ‘school’ but it should be named as ‘pressure cooker‘. School teaches us some very bad things and parents say and I quote- “school makes your future so you have to go to school or you’ll be illiterate all your life and nobody will be with you not even us”. I mean seriously ? They just teach us that-

  • Sports is the baddest thing in the world and no one should play any kind of games
  • Video games teaches us violence. I mean really ? That’s the only knowledge we’ve got (if you know which movie’s dialogue it is lol)
  • If you don’t come in top 10, you don’t deserve to be in their so called ‘Oxford’ type college.
  • The school and teachers are not your helper, they’re your boss and gods so you can’t even any wrong conduct of them 
  • Your future will the worst in the world of you don’t come regularly to school

I know some of you may not agree with me and will be absolutely furious about my saying but ask almost every student out there and you’ll know the truth. Observe, think and decide yourself parents.


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