Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: a living legend

“Blood, sweat, respect, the first one we give and the last one we take” this quote describes the life of the most ELECTRIFYING man in the world Dwayne Johnson or The Rock as we all know it. Dwayne is an actor, producer, singer and a professional wrestler- the main characteristic of the rock which made him Soooooo great. The rock belongs to a family which is pedigreed by great wrestlers, but let’s be honest, Dwayne is the greatest in his blood race. At the age of twenty three, Dwayne had “only $7 bucks” in his pocket, he knew only two things- he was “broke as hell” and one day “he won’t be”. 

Therenwere several instances and arrests that could have defined Dwayne Johnson and forced him down not only a path of incarceration, but also could have limited him to a wrestling lifestyle which has claimed countless lives due to the demands of the road, and the bodily injuries that are often healed through self-medication in the sport.But they didn’t.

There was even a time in The Rock’s life where his mom and himself had no house to live so he went on to become a destructive teenager stealing the jewellery in the high end blocks. He wasn’t​ a great learner in theft, so he often landed in the jail 

At the age of sixteen, The 6’4 and 244 lbs measured Dwayne became a wanted defensive lineman by hard training given to him by Jody Cwik.l and joining the Miami hurricanes.But he couldn’t take it to the next level

Johnson made his WWF debut in 1996, fighting under the shared moniker of his father and grandfather’s names, “Rocky Maivia.” As fate would have it, he would square off against the Brooklyn Brawler – who was also the first opponent of his father. After a knee injury, Johnson turned his back against the crowd by joining one of the greatest factions in WWE ‘The Nation of Domination” and the rest was HISTORY !!

Dwayne is now famous all over the globe and achieved what some people struggle their whole life to do. Everyone loves The Rock whether he’s in Hollywood as Bad@** police officer or Buring down the nerds of WWE by his Exceptional micwork. He’s famous in millions and millions of The Rock fans. The trail blazing, eyebrow raising, always the best in present, future and past, always ready to put some gas, if you don’t like him you can kiss the people’s @**. 



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