SANTIAGO BERNABEU: a trip to the home of Madridistas

Confirming of the ticket to Madrid, packing Your things up in the airport Eve. The landing on the Indira Gandhi international airport to attend a flight to Spain. On the airport of the Spain you see a cab like it’s waiting just for that one MADRIDISTA to come and sit into her lap while she takes him to the home. The selfies taken by us to the road Trip. The emotion, the pride of calling myself a proud Real Madrid fan

The view
There we stand upon the world’s greatest stadium of all time. Eye into eye like a lover into her Juliet, like a son in his mother’s eyes. We stood there at the Bernabeu shocked and impacted. It’s like a home which was never of us but never left us. A Tree where the birds chirp in the joy of The millions and millions of the most passionate fans of all time. We never thought that we’ll see it but WE DID

The interior
There we brought a ticket to check the home. We came in the safety stands and it’s like a garden I knew for ages like a playground where I spent my childhood a dream which I was seeing from my birth. And their the name embossed and carved in the stands proudly and passionately screaming REAL MADRID CF for the whole world to listen to it’s GREATNESS !!

The matchday
The teams were on their way from the locker room and were all ready to play for their club their pride and their passion. The away team was there in the ground we showed respect to them and then the moment came the Crowd exploded and the MADRIDISTA Rose to the occasion to CHEER THEIR HEART OUT for their players the Real Madrid xi. The fans were eager singing the song ‘long live Madrid’ their was a REAL MADRID CREST formed by the Jerseys the fans were wearing and sitting in a way to show their Love and support to their favourite team

During the MATCH
‘Un clásico para entonar tu himno!’ was the song sang from the heart of all the MADRIDISTAs to motivate and inspire their players to win and play from their heart and mind. The 45 minutes were up and the song was still in the air. The passion was still ever growing. The second half showed how much respect they got for the subs, the manager and also the staff. The players were tired and weary. We were 2-1 down.Then came the subs. The pace of the match was dictated by us. We got a corner by a long shot deflected off the goalkeeper. The center back came in the attack. It’s the 93rd minute of the match the cross came and THE HEADER AND THE GOAL. The crowd rose out loud on their feet to see the celebration begin by scoring the last minute header in the net. It was ELECTRIFYING and Passionate. WE DIDN’T SAW IT WE TASTE THE FEELING. 

An at last the MADRIDISTAs have their home from a long time. White from my heart, MADRID in my veins. VAMOS MADRID HALA MADRID !!!


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