Life: happens for you, not to you

“Too many high hopes, too many disappointments”

For quite a few days I’m feeling like a lion waiting for the right time, the right place and the right prey to hunt. I didn’t wanna do any action untill succes was “100% guaranteed”. I’m​ having the highest expectations in my works within myself and the people I love. I think losing the real ‘me’ for getting the imaginary me is the only source of disappointment that comes or will come in my lifetime. I mean, I’m good enough to deserve the things I’ve been given but I don’t think it is what it is. The people who give up are different from the people who are struggling to get the top level ‘them’. We all should take more time to relax than the time to judge ourselves. Our only judge is us but that doesn’t means a judge is always right. It’s okay to have goals, but make sure to leave room for something even greater to come along. Our life has far,far greater things stored in for us than we expect. We should explore the wildest fantasies and things that we can do. Innovation is the greatest thing we can achieve. 

We should learn to take some time to relax and innovate or discover new things the world has for us. If we recognise this lifestyle then the time will be for us instead of us for the time ! Learn to give love and you’ll get it in return. Learn to have low expectations and you’ll get low disappointments


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