Politics all around: A life in Uttar Pradesh

Winston Churchill ones said “politics is as exciting and as dangerous as wars. In war you can get killed only once but in politics, many times” and this statement is very true. Politics is the most complicated and evil form of what’s good and true as grey. Politics doesn’t have only two colors- black and white, it also has grey in it with 50% of partnership of both the colors.

Politics is common in the world but it’s way more than enough here in Uttar Pradesh, India. I mean here, every single person is a politician in his own right. He knows ‘everything’ about what’s going on the upper level and he has the power to destroy or dissolve parties at lower level. Hell ! He even has something in him that he finds some weird news like our prime minister getting beaten savagely in Banaras or some stranger at some part of UP ramming up the railway tracks. It’s politics everywhere whether it’s done in an office or a playground, you just can’t escape that thing even if you want. But there’s no denying it gives a little bit to laugh and smirk about. And there’s a very special characteristic of happening politics here that where it’s happening, everyone used to gather around to give thoughts or……to just hear the conversation. 

I have a real life experience of seeing and hearing politics all around here in Uttar Pradesh and just wanna say one thing that 

“if you don’t do politics, politics will do you”


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