It’s us not technology (with examples)

Many a times you’ve heard that technology is overpowering the human kind and will rule the world in the coming years. This statement is far away from being true because technology can ever exceed the human mind. After all, we invented it. 

There are many books,articles,movies etc. That shows that the human race will be over in years to come and the machines will rule the world. But there are so many books,articles,movies and so on that shows even if this situation occurs in the future, the human will come over being victorious over the machines. 

Example 1:

The iron man movie also shows the true difference between a machine and a man. At a time general Rhodes gives the answer for why not letting a drone fighter plane fight instead of a pilot in it. He replies “because the drone doesn’t have the power of will, decision making and far sightedness

Example 2

There’s a video uploaded on YouTube which shows some of the greatest football players vs their clones in the match for superiority and in this video it clearly shows why machines can’t do what we humans can do because even if they have the way and mind to do things perfectly, they don’t have the passion, the emotion and the creativity like us.

Remember “you can take my house, money, car and other things but one thing anyone can’t take away from I……. I am what I am”


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