Music !! 

In the view of Hinduism, lord Brahma created the world​. With his imagination and powers, he created a variety of beautiful organisms that can make this world a colourful place to live in. But he was sad because the humans didn’t care much about the Beauty that the lord made. His wife goddess Saraswati gave her contribution in making the world beautiful by giving us the Gift of music. 

Music is what the world call “the aid of a sorrow heart”. We can be in any mood, but we sure can’t get enough from listening our favourite track everytime. We often think about what’s right for us, ourselves, our family and are always running in the marathon of life. Whenever we take a moment to listen and taste the feeling of music, it takes us to a whole new world away from this universe. Whoever said that “all good things must come to an end doesn’t apply on” doesn’t apply to music because you can’t kill what won’t die. It always find it’s way in the top drawer ​of the human race.

In my opinion, music is one of the most important reasons why I’m in this writing field. It gave me something to be confident that I was like “yeah ! I can play guitar”. Music never lets you feel alone and let negativity surround us.


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