Village Fire (Real incident)

…………​And there was that weird but funny, Confusing but enjoyable sight of many men gathering around and looking for a solution to diminish what they called “Blood orchid”. The orange flower with a redish shade was none other than a fierce streak of fire. The villagers ran about place to place l, trying​ to extenguish that thing which if anyone touched or got near, swallowed him. There was a bucket, filled with one fourth of water in it and there was an old, tensioned, white haired man hurried up to get that bucket and pour whatever water left in it on the fire. But the idea made the situation even worse. 

There were options left- whether to let the fire do it’s job and burn half the houses to ashes or extinguish the fire by getting the water pipe from the village’s leader’s Haveli. The boys who were in their middle ages ran to open the tap and force the water drown from the pipe. Even though, the pressure of the water was low, they managed to turn that Smoky, red hot fire into white and light smoke

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