Technology: A boon to mankind

Many old generation veterans have a thinking that technology is kinda curse for the world. Well I gotta say I never agree with these comments wrapping up around. But I don’t have any right to declare any of our ancestors and legends wrong. I’m just stating my opinion and it says that technology is a ‘Boon’ for the world. At one time middle age was a future and stone age also but the human mind conquered all the freakin obstacles in its growth and advancement. 

I mean a few decades before we have to deliver a letter to our loved ones asking for their well being or informing about something but now, it all can be done by a finger’s magic. Once there was a lot of difficulty of finding or searching for how to do this or where is this city located, etc. But now, we just have to ‘GOOGLE IT’. As a matter of fact, technology is a great gift for our human race and due to it’s ever growing characteristics, it’ll continue to amaze us. 

We’re about to witness the future because the FUTURE IS NOW !!


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