The good deeds

Every morning you wake up, you wake up with a dream, a hope that something new and lovely is about to happen and we oftenly get us disappointed by seeing some evils around the world where we live and where we go for our needs. We kinda think that things will never change in the world and the evil will always take the throne. But we can change it by amending ourselves. You’ll ask me “Abhinn, how things will change by only one person’s effort”, I’ll answer that a Mahatma Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world” and that’ll be your answer for the day. So what do we have to do to spread the love and happiness all around ? Simple, by doing good deeds ? We can make a lot of difference than we think by doing a good deed or two everyday. Remember “little drops make the ocean”. So start doing some good today.

Here are some small things that you can do to spread the power of Christ all around

  • Help everyone who’s in need
  •  do your day to day activities kindly and efficientl
  • always be humble specially to strangers
  • greet everyone with a smile

The world is a beautiful place but some disciples of shatan (the evil king) are trying to put a blemish on the beautiful face of our mother earth. That’s why good people should be scattered throughout the globe and spread their goodness all around the world because All around the world, the people need LOVE !! #SpreadTheLove


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