ZLATAN: the personality

If you’re a Football fan whether it’s hardcore or casual, you’d have surely heard the name Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Well that’s because he’s the best striker around for years. Just like a fine wine, he gets better with age and everyone recognize it. At the 36 (it’s his official age not real), he’s still a crucial first team player for the English football club Manchester united and he’s still living upto his name and legacy. So what basically makes up this Swedish god that turned him from Zlatan to ‘THE ZLATAN’. Here we’ll look at some of the points that inspires us to follow this legend’s footsteps
1. Self confidence- for those of you who’ve been following Ibrahimovic would have easily know that this man has a huge amount of self confidence or ego stored in it. Whether it’s on or off the field, Zlatan’s ego follows him wherever he goes but this ego isn’t meant for words only, Ibrahimovic always backs it up by showing his Class of ZLATAN on the field. After all, he’s the only man standing with Cristiano Ronaldo who has scored in every minute in the game of football
2. Great Witt- Trolls ! Trolls ! Trolls ! This is the second word that describes Zlatan’s personality everywhere in the world. They say ” if you troll Messi, Messi fans will troll you back, if you troll Ronaldo, Ronaldo fans will troll you back and if you ever dare to troll Zlatan, ZLATAN himself will troll you back.”and that’s not just a pun, it’s a truth. I mean everywhere Zlatan went and when he was questioned by some mockish interviewers or was given expertise by some managers, he always shut their mouths not only by his game but also by his words. You can understand when a male interviewer asked Zlatan that what will he give to his wife on her birthday. He replied- “nothing, she already has ZLATAN”. Not only this but when he’s asked on his rivalry with Carew he replied- “what Carew does with a football, I can do with an orange”. I mean Seriously !? Is someone can be that smart and witty
His fans- Zlatan fans are also like ZLATAN. They including me believe that he’s a god and he arguably is and we don’t know about others. Zlatan has his own statue in his country Sweden with a pose of him kicking a football. He has a burger named after him in the hotels of the city of Paris (he played for the French club Paris saint Germain) named ‘Le ZLATAN burger’ and when he left his club he said- “I came like a king and left like a LEGEND but I’ll be back” and Hell, he even has his own surname in the swedish dictionary reading “Zlatan is a word which is used to represent something or someone that can achieve impossible or is unique” PHEW ! That’s sick. He’s not called zlatan, he’s now called ‘The ZLATAN’
His stats- Zlatan has won 32 trophies of all competitions and there are many more yet to come. He scored over 200 goals after achieving the age of 30 (fine wine remember ?) And won the league everywhere he went since transferring from Malmo FC. He’s won the Swedish player of the year 9 times, can you believe it ? And as well as he has some pure gold goals to his name that only ZLATAN can do
Conclusion: Zlatan has the personality that’s one in a trillion and he also has the game to show it, yesterday he commented in an interview that he was “born old and will die young” not only this he stated- “when I die don’t bring me to the hospital but bring the hospital to me”. He just the right attitude and charisma that makes him different from all. He’s anyone, he’s not me, he’s not you, he’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic and that’s what he teaches us that we should not follow anyone else’s path but instead make a path by ourselves for others to follow #DaretobeOriginal #DareToZlatan


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