Importance of time and clock in our life

Tick, tock, tick, tock…….Those are the sounds which we are used to hear day in and day out, and now those sounds are familiar. It reminds us that time flies and there’s no way to stop. That’s why clock is invented. But have you ever wondered what effect or is there even an effect on our body by the moving of the clock, here we’ll just discuss that !!

Time is unstoppable, we all know it but we also know it that if we know the right mantra of its management, we can have quite a successful and satisfactory life. The clock has it’s own importance and a very big importance on out day to day activities and even our sleep
Let’s just have the smallest of an example,  you’re playing a video game at the afternoon, you’re indulged in the virtual reality that surrounds you and eventually there’s no clock or watch around. I guarantee you’ll spend all the night playing that game without thinking a bit. But in this same situation, if you have clock on the wall or a watch on your hands, you’ll start thinking “oh my! It’s 4 pm, I gotta turn it off”. See, that’s what defines human tendency, we believe and care for what is visible not for what is real but cannot be seen.

Our nerves controls the time, I don’t know much about this statement’s equation but I do know it’s true, I mean why would it be posted on the Google. You’ve seen movies and even in real life that some watches are made for running with our nerves and when they stop…… We’re Dead

I’m not saying that all my statements are right, it’s your turn to look around yourself, observe and realize that the clock has more value in our life than we think 


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